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2018 finds modernized music video production

With more video production and filmmaking equipment coming in, video directors in Uganda such as Sasha Vybz, Marvin Musoke, Aaronaire on Set, Zyga Phix, Grate Pest and Frank Jahlive have upped their game in 2017.

Music video production has never been better. The music video industry has put Uganda on international channels and 2018 looks set to push the bar even higher.

Aba Charles, a co-director at Makindye-based Virtual Media, said 2017 has been a blessing.

“It has been a good look; we have had so many emerging young directors and putting up good music videos. With the platform of Face TV, they are able to showcase the music videos they have directed. On the issue of equipment, most directors have upped their game, incorporating drone shots,” he said.

Zyga Phix shoots Dr Hilderman’s music video

Virtual Media has worked on projects for Ykee Benda, Tyler Himself, Kent & Flosso, DJ Fikie and Miki Wine.

Swangz Filmz’ Marvin Musoke, who had directed Bebe Cool’s Onepikira, Winnie Nwagi’s Musawo and Kano Kozze, Irene Ntale’s Sembera and B2Cs’ Gutamiiza and Nyongera – a co-production with Mutumba Aaron (Aaronaire on Set), said for video directors to succeed, they need a sense of art direction and photography.

Marvin Musoke shooting Bebe's song Onepikira

“You have to be very creative and have a sense of storytelling because in the end you’re communicating. When you create these visuals, you want people to get the message,” he said.

“Music videos are all about branding the artiste; you have to understand the artiste you’re working with, what kind of image they are trying to brand themselves with.”

“It’s all practice; the more you do projects, the better you get,” he said.

This year has seen artisans get equipment formerly sought for in South Africa and beyond by the classy artistes.

But now the best in modern cameras, drones and lighting equipment can be found here. According to Musoke, 2018 will be a year for high-quality videos for artistes. Watch out, Uganda!

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