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Improve your communication with Elevate

Without doubt, Candy Crush is one of the more popular games you will find young smartphone owners engaged in whenever they have extra time on their hands.

But for others, including myself, we would rather go for the so-called brain-training game apps that would be more challenging, fun-filled and educative. One such I have found myself getting hooked on is called Elevate. This is a brain-training app consisting of more than 40 mini-games designed to boost math and speaking skills, as well as improve memory, attention and processing speeds.

It means, therefore, that with this app your smartphone could actually help you read better, react quicker and also remember people’s names.

It would also help you hone how you speak, listen, write and read, focusing on reading comprehension, looking or listening for grammatical errors and improving your vocabulary.

The idea is to improve your overall communication skills and help you process information easier. This, I would presume, should be a must for people in the communications business, including media practitioners and teachers, among others.

But how does it put one through their paces? Elevate’s games are simple and straightforward to use. The app uses a lot of moving cartoon-like objects including nesting dolls, a flock of birds and a spaceship in its games to show your progress.

After each game, users receive a ‘ranking’ that indicates their performance compared to other users. The games are entertaining and nicely paced. For example, users pop balloons to match antonyms, tap to spot grammatical errors and swipe left or right to flag words with negative and positive connotations.

Part of the magic with Elevate is that the games are short, sweet and entertaining enough that you don’t always feel like you are learning or exercising your brain, even when you are.

Elevate helps keep its training sessions fresh with 16 free games that change daily. Brain-training is hardly a new thing; programmes designed to exercise your mental abilities date back to the early 2000s.

The idea became more familiar in 2005, when Nintendo developed the game Brain Age for the Nintendo DS handheld console.

Elevate encourages daily brain-training, which involves the completion of three games, or five games with the ‘PRO’ version. According to the app’s creators, Elevate Inc, “the more you train with Elevate, the more you will improve critical cognitive skills that are designed to boost productivity, earning power and self-confidence”.

Unlike Lumosity, its closest rival, Elevate has more of an adult feel; the mini-games take on a more serious approach, focusing less on colorful illustrations and more on text.


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