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Miracle: Oh, what depths the devil sinks to!

Few things rile me like when the devil goes after innocent children. But God has demonstrated to us in clearer HD than ever before, the power of prayer – agreed prayer, at that.

For more than a year now, we have been meeting at a family altar every month to pray.

When the Lord tasked me with calling for this regular prayer altar at first, it felt like such a daunting thing; much as many of us in the family are born-again Christians, it was not lost on me that many others are not and are staunch at practising the religions they practise.

I just could not see how a prayer altar would work under such circumstances. But God was insistent; first I saw us gathered at the altar in a dream. Then my prayer partner told me God wanted me to establish a family prayer altar.

When the third call came through my pastor, I manned up and invited them all for the first one last year. Surprise, surprise, they all came! And we have never stopped meeting monthly since then, praying for one another and breaking chains in Jesus’ mighty name.

Last month the Lord guided us to pray for my nephew who has always struggled with his education, despite both his parents and siblings being superbly brilliant people.

It was baffling when he got a second grade in his PLE a couple of years ago, and he was still flunking his secondary school classes two years down the road.

In fact, last term the parents were sent a warning chit, informing them he would not be promoted to another class, going by his persistently poor performance.

But at last month’s prayer altar, God guided us to pray for him in particular, revealing to us where the stronghold lay. He was still in boarding school, so we prayed for his parents as contact points and believed God for better grades after the prayer.

His school broke off after the third term and when we met for the November family altar, my nephew came along, walking with unusual confidence and a glow about him.

His mother ecstatically informed us he had performed exceptionally well this term, even getting D1 in five subjects!

We were astounded. God is amazing.

Before you torture your kids over their possible bad grades as they come in for the holidays, remember they actually need prayers too. You have no idea the depths the devil can sink to, just to keep you in distress.

My nephew was such a high point of this whole year of prayer. To God be the glory!


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