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Brenda Nambi launches online fashion store

Brenda Nambi

Singer-turned-fashion-designer Brenda Nambi has taken her entrepreneurial skills to the next level with the launch of an online store.  

The website www.Nambiclothing.com was launched last week at One Ten studios, Seventh street Industrial Area.

It will be an online market place where people allover the world can purchase authentic designs by Ugandan fashion designers, including herself.

Speaking at the event, the former Obsessions and HB Toxic member said the concept has taken her four years of research before bringing it to life.  

“I realized that as Ugandan fashion designers, we need to tap more into the global village that has been created by the internet. This widens our market way beyond our geographical boundaries,” she said.  

The site will have original outfits and also those collected from different parts of the world in order to strike a balance for those that want to pair an original Martha Jabo blazer with Levi jeans.

The selection of Ugandan designers will be based on quality and ability to provide a steady flow of outfits or even in bulk, in case of a big order.  

Nambi closed the night with her own collection mixed with bits and pieces collected from foreign designers.

Brenda Maraka, Martha Jabo and Kais Divo Collection also showcased with the latter giving the audience a view of what he showcased months back during the Africa Men’s Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria.


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