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What if your school-going daughter is impregnated?

Some schools have already closed for the end-of-year holidays.

This period usually comes with a lot of excitement amongst pupils and students.

With no more reading and less pressure to revise books, children come ready for beach parties, night clubs, visiting relatives and going for the Christmas break. There is a lot of fun awaiting them. Some of these activities will be sponsored by the parents or children themselves.

Although it is good to be excited, this should not result into awful behaviors. We need to guard our children from ill-manners that could potentially harm their lives. They need to be enlightened about the likely dangers of losing self-control, especially during this period.

Unfortunately, the most vulnerable are our daughters who might even get pregnant. When a school-going teenage girl becomes pregnant, a lot in her life changes dramatically, with intense pressure that comes her way.

She may not be lucky to continue with her studies after giving birth. She might run away from her home, face rejection, self-denial and stress. At times, some parents have disowned their daughters, and this adds more stress than anything else.

The treatment this girl gets from her peers becomes sour as they start judging her. Because of the mistreatment they face in the community, some end up opting for abortion or early marriages which was never their initial plan.

The boys are never concerned partly because they don’t carry the pregnancy and, most of the time, nothing much changes around their lives. Society does not judge the boys the same way it does to the girl child. Some parents also like shielding their boys as innocent.

There are various factors which may lead your girl into a relationship that could result into early pregnancy.

This could be as a result of inadequate knowledge about the dangers of premarital sex, peer pressure, exposure to pornographic materials, insufficient scholastic materials and pocket money from parents, moral decadency and parents’ failure to speak to their children about sex education, among others.

We have laissez-faire parents who are not concerned whether their daughters are in relationships or not. They are less involved in their children’s lives, whether they are staying together or not.

Our girls need to be empowered enough with life information which cannot be entirely acquired from ssengas alone. When reality hits, it is the immediate family members, in this case the parents, who feel the intensity of the matter.

Providing primary information on most life issues should be a parent’s responsibility as the only person that can deliver clear guidance.

When the unexpected happens, our daughters need support as opposed to chasing them from home. Some civil society organizations are calling for legalization of safe abortion and free accessibility to contraception. However, our girls need correct information from us before thinking about such services on the market.

There are parents who think that if their daughters mess up, they should never come back home. In fact, other parents suggest abortion to cover up the shame.

Whether you are a religious leader or a strict parent who has been beseeching your daughter never to get pregnant, you should not kill her when it happens.

I don’t condone bad behaviors at all, but it would be wise to stand with your daughter and provide all the necessary support.

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