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Mind your oral hygiene

“Men are less likely than women to seek preventive dental care and often neglect their oral health for years, visiting a dentist only when a problem arises. ... Men are also more likely to develop oral and throat cancer and periodontal (gum) disease,” says Dr Thomas K. Paulose, the director Clinical Administration at Dr Nechupadam Dental, Kochi, India.

Nothing beats bad breath in the league of ‘turn-offs’! And it’s not just me or you. Ask around; you will be amazed at just how many people agree with you. Bad breath breaks!

It is not just repulsive to those on the outside; it can be very embarrassing and cause immeasurable anxiety. This explains why most folks move about with gum, mints, mouthwashes and other products – but heck, all these are mere temporal measures; they do not solve the problem ‘at source’.

You may wish to ask, what is ‘source’? Doctors (if you can find any not on strike) will tell you there are several causes of bad breath.

Off a Mayo Clinic website, I picked this: “Certain foods, health conditions and habits are among the causes of bad breath.”

The same site adds: “Bad breath odors vary, depending on the source or the underlying cause. Some people worry too much about their breath even though they have little or no mouth odor; while others have bad breath and don’t know it. Because it is difficult to assess how your own breath smells, ask a close friend or relative to confirm your bad-breath questions.”

Whatever it is, there is no excuse for bad breath. One must be as aware of how their breath ‘smells’ as they are of the socks holes or even an unkempt beard.

You will agree that no matter how intelligent an argument is, when one making it just hits you with that fowl mouth odor, that’s it! You stop listening and switch to ‘flight mode’!

Now that is not a good place for a man. Unlike our female counterparts, we tend to take our physical health for granted.

Until we are compelled, you just won’t find a man willfully going for a medical checkup let alone a dental checkup, if they did not wake up to excruciating pain in their mouth.

No prizes for guessing, but ignoring one’s health can have major ramifications; and bad breath for most men is as a result of this complacency.

It gets even petrifying when you read that “poor dental health and gum disease have been associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes”.

Aren’t those some of the biggest killers lately? So, do not take that bad breath for a simple malaise to be sorted by Orbit professional or other mints; it could lead you to an early grave!

And so, having considered what the causes of bad breath are – to recap, we are talking about food, bad oral and or general hygiene and habits such as smoking and alcohol imbibing – next week, we set off to find some lasting solutions which include products and lifestyle alternatives.

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