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Suzan Kerunen set for her tenth anniversary concert

Suzan Kerunen will host her very first concert since 2013 at the Sheraton Gardens tomorrow evening.  

A world music singer that uses Kiswahili, her mother lingual Alur-Jonam and English, Kerunen will use the show to celebrate more than one thing: she will be marking ten years in the industry, launching a new album as well as celebrate milestones that have come between her last show and this one such as motherhood.

Over the time, the folk/fusion music from Africa has struggled to get a name or even a definition with some people simply calling it a fusion of different sounds while others either call it folklore.

However, the two-time Kora Awards nominee told The Observer her world music genre is “any form of ethnic sound with a cultural route inclination and fusion.”

The show themed Crossing Cultures, according to Kerunen, will be more than a music concert, thus the intention to celebrate both her culture and that of the Ganda, Ankole and Acholi, among others.

“We are doing a lot of things on Saturday like reciting poems, riddles and proverbs,” she said, adding that even her choice of artistes to work with was partly influenced by the need to celebrate more than just a single culture.

Susan Kerunen

For instance, even when she mostly uses Alur-Jonam, artistes like Giovanni Kiyingi and Sewa Sewa will perform together and present part of the project they are championing of celebrating different stringed instruments of Uganda.

But above all, the show is still an extension of Pearl Rhythm, a foundation Kerunen runs with an aim of giving original Ugandan music creators a stage.  These creators include artistes such as Ann Nassanga alias Afrie and Shifa Musisi.

During her last show held at Jazzville in Bugolobi in 2013, Kerunen revealed that her next album – Pimar – would come less-heavier on sound. Those that will attend the Saturday do will be the judges.

Named after her daughter, the album’s process started in 2013 after she was born. True to Kerunen’s word, the music is lighter with a more organic sound which she says was deliberate to enable the international market appreciate the music without synthetics.

Kerunen comes with a seven-man band including Jimmy Mugema and Laurence Matovu on the bass, Hakim Kiwanuka and Cliff Kibalama on the drums and Walter Ruva will do the dancing.

The show will also feature Faisal Mostrixx on the DJ’s table. Tickets go for shs100,000 and gates will be open as early as 6pm.


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