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Let’s facilitate our children’s ambitions  

I usually take and pick my two boys to and from school every day of the week. One morning, their stay-home sister asked me to bring her a chocolate cake. Upon return, she had to remind me of her request.

Just like children beg from their fellows, her brothers did the same, although we had agreed along the way that the chocolate cake would be for Deborah alone.

Nevertheless, they approached her for a bite. Tempt not a girl who is assertive and wants to prove a point to the boys that is she is not a joke! This time, she decided to set conditions. The fact that she is the youngest, she commanded respect from her elder brothers, who had to dance to her tunes.

“You will have to first do what I tell you if you want my cake,” she commanded. “You David, first go and remove your school uniform before I give you my cake; and you Dickson, you like beating me! Will you do it again?”

Dickson, the eldest boy, had to repent all his sins before he could get a share. I just watched in amusement. These youngsters always share together without stinting. But this particular time, the sister set up many tough conditions all of which can’t be narrated here.

I have come to appreciate the purpose of empowering children from childhood. If our children can master the art of self-confidence/awareness early, chances are they will not be easily manipulated by anyone.

If such a girl is well-trained and nurtured, I would not be shocked if she tells me; “Daddy, I want to contest for presidency in future.”

This is on assumption that the infamous Raphael Magyezi bill is passed. At 36, she could achieve her dream.

If the presidential age limit is amended, my daughter could grow up with political ambitions to become a president at an early age. Because of her confidence, I have already started grooming her to become a politician. Hopefully, nothing will stop me from becoming a president’s dad!

It’s imperative for us as parents to keep an open mind to where our children’s interests lead them. Parents should be the source of encouragement, inspiration, motivation and leadership to their children. It’s only you to believe in your child’s dream and support it because the child already believes in her/himself.

Some of our children’s aspirations cannot be achieved without enough exposure to pertinent areas that suit their curiosity. For example, for my girl to become a president in future, minimum education qualification is senior six.

That means she must study. I should also interest her in reading biographies of some people like Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and President Museveni, among others.
Fellow parents, leaders are raised now, not tomorrow! With my daughter’s confidence, this song of ‘children are leaders of tomorrow’ can’t be sung in my compound.

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