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Why every parent must be concerned

The month of October will linger on in the minds of so many following the two separate fire incidents in southwestern Uganda.

In one of the schools, girls set their dormitory ablaze because the school authorities had denied them the liberty to go for night preps with their male classmates. In the other school, the fire was an act of vengeance upon prefects who other students considered puppets of the administration.

Memories of the unfortunate Budo Junior School fire are still in our minds. For others, the Kibwetere cult inferno is a recollection they still struggle with many years after. It is mind-blowing for our children to plan and set themselves or their colleagues ablaze.

We definitely will not sit anymore with hands folded as though it is business as usual. There is a problem! We may choose to believe it or not, but that does not take away the fact that the problem is real and glaring at us.

The world is grappling with terrorism; many a times leaving people wondering how on earth one takes delight in mass killing – even if it means that he/she dies with the victims.

When I heard about the two separate incidences, I could not avoid the bitter thought that probably we were raising ‘self-made terrorists’, though they were not enrolled in any recognized terrorism school.

If not this, how do we explain the tragedy of adolescents that plan their own death in the name of making a statement to the school?

This again took my mind to the so many times I had tried to poke my nose into the social ills that are eating up our society, largely because of the fallen family unit. I was looked at as overtly perfectionist or unaware that we are living in modern days.

If modernity is about raising idiotic offspring, then I will comfortably remain in my conservative world if this will make a small contribution in raising children with an ounce of brain material in this morally degenerated world.  

We must all be concerned at the trend of things in society today. The recklessly raised child you do not give a damn about could be your prospective daughter/son-in-law. As long as our children are going to share life on this planet, we all must be concerned about how they are raised.

The bitter truth is that the good ones will not relocate to their own planet leaving behind the wretched and uncultured.

As long as they are to live together, it is our responsibility to train them in a way that will inculcate humaneness in their lives.

If you were a parent in any of the said schools, how would it feel waking up to such news that your child is dead or critically injured because of a handful unreasonable brats fighting over non- issues? The pain and trauma are definitely unimaginable.

But how many times have we read or heard about innocent children dying because of strikes or bullying in schools, and we just brush it off because our children are not affected?

It is high time we realized that the deep grounding to transform our children is our responsibility. It starts at home, not the reverse. As we send our children to be shaped and molded by the teachers, what have we done as parents?

You may never know what your children may suffer at the hands of the poorly brought up colleagues.

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