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Moccasins can be matched with any outfit

We all do that head-to-toe visual scan the first time we meet someone – and this is usually done by women.

When a woman is checking you out, her visual scan prioritizes a few points over others; and one of those main points is a man’s shoes. 

Your shoes hold the power to attract the woman of your dreams because most women like men with a sense of style.

Before we talk about how moccasins can be matched on any outfit, we have to know that moccasins evolved from an ancient design, and are one of the oldest shoes to date. 

The name moccasins originated from the Proto-Algonquain word ‘maxkeseni’, which translate to ‘shoe’. Moccasins are more preferred by the youths who enjoy their easy design. These shoes are a comfortable staple that most men love wearing.

The first thing you should know about moccasins is that they have a unique look that can add an element of sophistication and boldness to an outfit. They are comfortable and are made with a soft material.

On a hot day, a pair of moccasins in a neutral light colour is a great choice. They are lightweight, easy to slip in and give your feet enough padding and protection that they won’t make you uncomfortable after a long day.

It is easy to create a casual outfit with a pair of moccasins. However, if you are not in the mood for too much creative matching, just match it with a simple crew neck T-shirt with a pair of tight jeans. I wouldn’t recommend wearing anything too loose with these shoes.

You can also try cutting the ends of your jeans to emphasize your shoes and add a contrast to the outfit. Joseph Faray, a diehard of moccasins, says they are posh, legit and stylish.

“They can be worn on both casual and official occasions. They appear more attractive on skinny pants that do not fully cover the legs. They do not require a pair of stocking, and mostly they define the modern guy with style,” he adds.

Most people always keep wondering as to whether put on socks or not, but it’s best not to wear socks with moccasins.

But if you can’t stand that idea, then try out trainer socks, which will keep your feet protected but won’t let the world know.

For fashion designer Acram Lubulwa, moccasins are casual and gentle based on one’s need at a point.

“Moccasins are originally leather shoes from native America, and they are wanted for the comfort they provide to whoever tries them,” he says.

The good thing about moccasins is that they don’t jump out and take over the look of an outfit. They pretty much blend into whatever style you are going for. So, even a smart casual look is going to work with these shoes. 

Although moccasins give a more casual vibe to a look, it is possible to dress them up in a more formal outfit. For a twist on the classic suit, choose a pair of moccasins in a bold colour and match it with a clean cut navy suit.

If you are looking for a lightweight shoe that can make a bold impression, try out moccasins. You can easily create some interesting and eye-catching looks. Experiment, and make moccasins work for you.


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