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Pablo: Babes, booze and bosses

I went to a restaurant the other day, and when the waiter brought the menu, I asked him: “What do you recommend?” 

“The restaurant just around the corner,” he responded.

I did that, and was surprised by the man who welcomed me. He had a striking resemblance with the waiter that had recommended the restaurant. I was curious. I asked whether he knew the waiter next door.

He laughed, and said: “He’s my brother. He has always wanted to work with me but not directly.”

With no further questions, I placed my order. Three young women catwalked into the restaurant exposing their expensive gadgets like phones, MacBooks and Bluetooth ear pieces, among others. Their language was equally sophisticated. It was like watching E-magazine on DStv.

They kept namedropping celebrities, and how they had their personal cell phone numbers. I got to learn through their conversation that they, too, had been recommended by the same waiter to come to the restaurant.

The beauty was they were seated around the table behind me. I could hear everything without them seeing my face.

While planning their next target for the weekend, I heard my neighbor’s name on the hit list. I wasn’t surprised because of his lavish lifestyle and love for the dress. I didn’t know whether to advise the girls to abort the mission or call and warn my neighbor.

But I realized they were equally lethal. The plan was to ‘detooth’ him since one of the girls had learnt that he had hit a jackpot in a sports betting lotto. The bait was one of the light-skinned girls.

Her job was to seduce him to a point of no return, while the others emptied his wallet. I don’t know how she was going to do it, but it sounded like a piece of cake.

She, however, wasn’t interested in the modus operandi of the mission. They downed their sodas and strutted like whores on the loose. I concentrated on my meal as I pondered on how their execution plan would be.

Just then, my neighbor walked in and came straight to my table. What a coincidence! I asked him whether he had met some young girls along his way. He laughed, and said: “That’s my supper. They think I don’t know what they are planning.”

I couldn’t believe my neighbor was a cannibal!

“What are they planning?” I asked.  

He rolled his sleeves, and replied: “I sent my friend to lie to them that I had just hit a jackpot. Those babes drink booze like a problem. They fooled me once and drank all my money. It is payback time,” he laughed, as he placed for his order.

Whichever way it ended, it must have been a blockbuster movie.

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