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What to do when your car headlamps are dim?

A headlamp is a lamp attached to the front of a vehicle to light the road ahead.

When driving at night, in the rain or during the occasional earlymorning  smog, working headlights are important to your safety and other road users. Headlights provide light so you can see where you are going. They help alert other drivers and road users to your presence.

If your headlights seem dim, there may be an underlying problem that needs to be corrected. Baker Luswata, a mechanic at Performance Autotronic Systems, says the problem can easily be checked out by the driver before seeking professional mechanical assistance.

A driver should look out for the following problems, he adds. One needs to check the connection of the wires linking to the headlight; they might be loose.

“The issue with the dim headlight may result from an absence of a power connection to the headlight,” says Luswata.

“The wires that connect to the headlight may be broken, and it can contribute to the dim light.”

The part housing the headlight could have been corroded. Dim headlights can also be as a result of a corroded ground wire.

“One can trace the wiring attachments from the back of each headlight assembly, and see where it connects to the vehicle body. It’s very important for wire connections in the car to be corrosion-free; the last thing a driver wants is having dim lighting when driving through a foggy area,” Luswata says.

If both headlights do not work, the cause could be a bad fuse which needs to be replaced. Having headlights is necessary for the driver of the vehicle to see the road in front of them in dark conditions.

A headlight that is malfunctioning or dim presents a safety threat which can be corrected easily and inexpensively.

It’s quite common to find taxis and trucks that have broken down along major highways and roads with dim or non-functioning lights. But this, according to Luswata, can easily be dealt with to avoid accidents.


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