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Star trail: Dancehall artiste Dizzy Nuts killed in accident

On Monday morning, Ugandan music lovers woke up to the bad news of the death of dancehall artiste Dizzy Nuts.

According to reports, Dizzy Nuts was trying to get into Bebe Cool’s Hummer when he met his gruesome death after a speeding car hit him and drove off.

Much as all reports indicate that the late artiste was chatting with Bebe Cool at the time he was killed, surprisingly there was nothing on Bebe Cool’s always active social media pages in relation to Dizzy Nuts’ death.

Dizzy Nuts rose to fame as a member of Bobi Wine’s Fire Base Crew contributing to Master Parrot’s runaway hit Ekikompola, but went off the scene only to make a return alongside Bebe Cool on Fire Burn Dem.

The two later fell out when Dizzy Nuts left Bebe’s Gagamel and chose to stay in the USA where they had gone for shows.

This year though, he surprisingly showed up at Roast and Rhyme to back Bebe on the song and announced his return. It turned out to be a short-lived one.

Rest in peace, Dizzy.

Loketo Lee in hot soup for impersonating Gulu DPC

Police in Aswa over the weekend arrested renowned local musician-turned-crime- preventer Loketo Lee, for impersonating Gulu district police commander with intent to extort money.

Loketo Lee, 35, once known for his white hair and dancehall hits, is a common figure at Gulu Central police station making many question whether he is a police officer or a crime preventer.

Last Saturday, Loketo Lee’s luck ran out when he tried to con Charles Atube, 50, out of Shs 100,000, to settle his case as the area DPC.

Atube, however, was not convinced and reported the suspect to police who later accompanied Atube to hand over the money at a location near Smiling Panda, a local hangout joint.

Loketo Lee was given Shs 70,000 that he accepted and was immediately arrested and detained at Gulu Central police station.
According to Aswa regional police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema, Loketo Lee’s case is being investigated after he was found to be a crime preventer, not a police officer as he claimed.

“We have his file ready but we had to release him on bond because of the prosecutors’ strike. We shall charge him for either conning or extortion depending on the advice from the resident state attorney,” Okema said.

And that is how to turn from a successful singer to an unsuccessful thief.

Walk from Kigali for art and charity

On Monday, Viva Con Agua Uganda kicked off the Art Creates Water activations with a pilgrimage that will see a number of Ugandans walk from Kigali to Kampala for charity.

The walk set to last 24 days is meant to raise funds for clean water projects in Rwanda and Uganda, but the good works aside, Viva Con Agua, an organization that has in the past used art and sports to spread the gospel on clean water usage, is looking at a process that must be fun while helping others.

Before the initial flag-off on Monday, they hosted a concert at Inema Art Gallery where they had artistes Octopizzo, Lady Slyke, Maro and Byg Ben, among others, entertain patrons.

The walk will culminate into an art exhibition set to be held in Kampala later this month and later a We Love YoUganda festival at the end of the year.

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