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Put fashionable cuffs on your ears

I am sure you have seen ladies wearing what looks like gigantic jewellery or multiple rings on their ears.

There is also what looks like cuffs. It is a big trend right now and many people have jumped on it. The beauty with and possibly the reason it is making the rounds is because you can wear them without necessarily piercing your earlobe.

They are a pretty alternative to pierced or clip-on earrings. Instead of dangling from your lobe, the ear cuff is attached to the outer cartilage of the ear, tucking in and holding on.

Some designs are simply cuff-only, some snake up and down the outer edge of the ear while others have dangles. Depending on the design, the ones that snake along the ear can be made to look like one is wearing multiple pins.

Remember the days when it was common to have five or so piercings? That kind of illusion can now be achieved without a single piercing.  

I find the elf-ear style quite out of the box and can be worn to special occasions.  

They are like cuffs but wrap around the back of your ear and sit out the outer edge, instead of wrapping around the cartilage.

If you never got around to piercing your ears and have been wearing hoops and clip-ons all your life, it is time to try something new by giving your ear lobes a break and going for the cuff that easily sits on your cartilage and is super trending right now.


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