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City dude: We are being cheated

Ugandans are being cheated left, right and centre.

This has nothing to do with politics, although man is a political animal and whatever the politicians decide directly affects everyone. Now a couple of dudes and babes have this saying of ‘I don’t involve myself in politics’.

You look at a slay totally clueless about the connection between a member and a pot shisha. Surely, even common sense dictates that the leaders play a role in determining the prices of things.

Government expenditure on hundreds of legislatures and other costs are eventually passed to omuntu wa wansi in form of taxes.

We all know how politicians live large at our expense. Do not even get me started on the levels of corruption eating up our country. When it comes to cheating, the first kind that comes to mind is the one between a man and a woman, or people of same sex relationships.

You know it is no longer enough to say: “I am married.”

You need to add the gender of the person you are married to.

“I am married to a woman” makes things clear. Anyway, the cheating between spouses and sexual networks is as old as the days before Jesus Christ.

Up to now, the world is still trying to find a solution. All we have are accusations like; “all men cheat”, or questions like; “what do we women really want?”

No solutions!

All we know is that dudes should never be allowed to forgive a cheating chick. Once is more than enough. If she did it, she would do it again. By the time she decides to do it, her mind, body and soul are into the dude on the receiving side.  
That is why it’s them that get so clingy, asking questions immediately after acting like they have just donated to you a kidney when all you have just done was sleep together! It may even have not been worth it.

When it comes to the dudes, the conversation is dominated by the private parts. Towakana! It has been scientifically proven. That’s why dudes who banged the same girl ‘for just’ can actually become buddies. When ‘curious Johny’ is sorted, a normal brother should go back to factory settings.

There is that cheating going on in a hideout near you, even during the lunch break. There are other smaller ways we are being cheated.

Why would a rolex guy run out of enyaanya embisi, yet expect full payment for his product? The Internet in some of these posh hangouts is crappy, yet the cost is passed onto the clients in form of charging Shs 3,000 for a small bottle of mineral water.

Need I mention the data-eating crocodiles of some telecom companies? We used to look up to government for help. Not anymore. We shall suffer locally.


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