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Bless A Child Foundation gets well-stocked kitchen

On September 29, children living with cancer at Bless A Child Foundation got smiles on their little faces after corporate orgnisations partnered to renovate and stock their kitchen in Makerere Kikoni.  

The little ones can have more healthy meals delivered on time and in the needed quantities for their tough medications, to ease their suffering.

The partnership was between Vivo Energy, Coca-Cola and DStv, who renovated the kitchen and provided piped gas for a year, in addition to other items including clothing, food and books.

Speaking in Kikoni, Vivo Energy managing director Gilbert Assi said the company believes the foundation is a worthy cause, whose day-to-day activities of nurturing the children will be enhanced with the Shell Gas cooking experience.

Children from Bless a Child Foundation

“The essence of the Shell Gas brand is all about igniting love every day. This resonates with our responsibility as members of the community to contribute towards initiatives like these to make life better for others. We therefore, pledge to continue supporting Bless A Child

Foundation in the future. We are honoured to bring the good times to the Bless A Child Foundation home,” Assi said.
Bless A Child also received extended support from Vivo Energy’s Shell Gas Tokosa festival, with 10 per cent of the event’s proceeds channelled towards renovation of the kitchen in Makerere Kikoni.

Also present at the event were officials from Coca-Cola and DStv, who showed their pride in being able to change the vulnerable children’s lives.

Bless A Child Foundation
Started by Brian Walusimbi, Bless A Child Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that stems from Walusimbi’s deep love for children.

The organisation is committed to providing treatment and support to children living with cancer in Uganda.

According to the Bless A Child Foundation website, “Over the years, the vision has grown from just providing accommodation, subsidized medication and transport, to setting up a home school that caters for children of kindergarten to early secondary years, entertainment, games, and play therapy.”

It has been especially a godsend to children coming from far-flung locations, in need of chemotherapy or other treatments, but cannot afford prolonged hospital stays, yet commuting is not an option. Before Bless A Child Foundation stepped in, these children slept in hospital corridors with their caretakers, until the next doctor appointment.

Walusimbi, the organisation’s executive director, expressed his gratitude for the generosity.

Having been a children’s entertainer on part-time basis – dressing up as a clown at kiddie parties – he felt the need to do more for his tiny friends, particularly after entertaining cancer-stricken children at the Uganda Cancer Institute.

Focusing on these children that could not fully enjoy their childhood, Walusimbi started the home in Kikoni as a safe haven for them and because of his selflessness, organisations have over the years stepped in to make his labour of love easier.

The foundation has a second home in Gulu.


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