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Do clients have time to wait for retail moment?

Last week we discussed the Balenciaga designer Crocs we have to wait for until they hit the stores next year.

During the high fashion season when most fashion capitals hold the fashion weeks, the best people can do is look on and wait for the outfits go to retail.

That is why buyers attend these shows; to order hundreds of outfits that they think will work.

The industry has been having this conversation for some time on whether people have time to wait for retail time.

That gave the birth to what became known as ‘See Now, Buy Now’ trend to ditch fashion’s six-month lead-time and synchronize catwalk shows with store deliveries.

Big names such as Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford and Paul Smith have done it successfully.

Globalization and technology have made the wait unreasonable and painful.

For example if a designer has released a Spring/Summer collection, which region’s summer is he/she targeting? Summer in Europe andAmerica is winter in South Africa, for example.

Last weekend saw fashion designers put awesome, ready-to-wear outfits on the runway.

Some have even been featured in Vogue Italia and other international fashion magazines.

Most of them are not ready for the market.

A Ugandan designer I spoke to is planning a photo shoot as he works on the outfits in different sizes, before he can launch his collection.

This means the racks in retail stores such as Bold only have the old collection, yet the new looks are all over the internet. Do we still have the luxury to make clients wait? Maybe not.

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