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Lillian Nabulime addresses girl child in exhibition

Last Thursday, Dr Lillian Nabulime debuted her latest sculpture collection titled Dreams and Consequences at the Makerere University art gallery.

Being her first exhibition in nearly two years, there was a lot of anticipation in the art circles and she did not disappoint.

The exhibition is made up of different sculptures with lots of messages passed through her style that includes use of recycled beverage cans, whose colors she playfully uses to show expression.

The combination of wood and coloured aluminum not only gives the exhibition life but gets deeper into the message, Dreams and Consequences.

A message that tries to understand why some girls do the things they do at campus. With some works, she was just being a parent, telling girls to move on and not let bad spots in their lives ruin them forever.

With three big headlining works, Courage, Empowered and Confident, she inspires girls to be tough, in spite of their physical size.

“Young women should be empowered to be courageous and confident,” she says in one of the notes.

The pieces of the gallery walls articulate the lifestyle of an active schoolgirl; Nabulime uses beverage cans to represent their colourful dressing, emotions and trends.

With news reports suggesting that the rates of HIV are high among young people, Nabulime says the exhibition wants to address such issues especially to the girls.

The exhibition was lauded by those at the opening, not only for a relevant message, but also Nabulime’s neatness and attention to detail.

“The consistence on almost all the art works just shows the amount of time she invested in this,” says one Gerald Kato.

The exhibition is on for a month.


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