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Break In comes to the big screen

Today, Alliance Francaise will be the venue for the screening of filmmaker Aaron Zziwa’s latest outing – Break In.

Much as this is the first time the film is going to be screened to the public, Zziwa insists it is a fundraising showcase for his upcoming production – Jobless Millionaires.

Not a lot has been said about Break In, but many film enthusiasts believe it’s one to look out for since it was made by the same people that have in the past impressed with flicks such as Superstition, Wako and Man In The Hole, among others.

Break In stars playwright and actress Aganza Kisaka, Kevin Mugisha of the Yat Madit fame and stage actor Ernest Bbumba.
Tickets for the screening go for Shs 15,000, while the film will start rolling at 7pm.


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