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School visits are part of career development

As we are in the middle of the school term, have you known how your child is performing in class so far?

I know some schools do end-of -month exams. I like visiting children at school because I sit with and motivate them to make informed decisions for their career. 

You don’t have to wait for the visiting day or end-of-term report card to know how your child performed. Nowadays, most schools have career weeks. Specific days for different classes are also organized for parents to visit and know how their respective children are performing.

This is an opportunity every parent should never miss. When your child gets to know that you are coming to visit with interests in his/her performance, that child will work harder to impress you.

In case you find your child is not performing well, please don’t condemn him/her. This is another time to encourage him/her to aim higher. If a man can appreciate his spouse for cooking well, when actually it’s the maid who cooked, why can’t we appreciate our children? Your positive comments can inspire your child to improve in the final exams.

Nowadays, universities put their courses online. Depending on which university your child is interested in, download the forms and discuss together during the school visit to enable him/her study with a focused mind. You don’t have to wait for the time of applications to the university to prepare your child.

Together, you should discuss the areas of improvement well knowing that a child has the potential to excel with your support. The parent’s participation in school programs does not only foster educational/cognitive development, it is another way of identifying better and developmental issues that can enhance the child’s future. 

We should aim at holistic child/youth development, though our education system is more theory-oriented than vocational and skills development. Work with one of the teachers specialising in the area your child is focusing on. He/she could help your child concentrate and get to where you would proudly need him/her to be.

Therefore, let your child go to school not only to acquire the formal knowledge, but also practical skills that will be an added advantage. That means the selection of your child’s school should be inclusive of other benefits beyond academics.

When you are taking the child to school, especially in senior one, encourage him/her to participate in other areas of interest which can also help shape her/his career.

The idea of visiting children should not only stop at those in primary and secondary schools, but also those in higher institutions of learning. In such higher institutions as universities, there are no visiting days for your children.

Nonetheless, you can as well visit your child to know his performance and how he/she lives the other part of life. With the freedom and excitement children get after joining university, some easily get spoilt. This needs us to keep in close touch with them.

Let us not give up the habit of visiting our children at school.


0 #1 rubangakene 2017-07-24 23:16
Long Live Mugoya! The late Chief Inspector of Schools was the person who really inspired me to study so hard.

His speeches were so eloquent, with good diction, a real trail blazer! He endeavoured to tour and inspect all the schools in Uganda during his tenure.

He made recommendations to teachers in a firm and fair way that made him revered by all Headmasters then. We need another pragmatic 'Mugoya' to save Uganda Education!
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