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Bags show set for tomorrow

We all love bags – we travel with them, accessorise fashion with them.

Some have referred to bags as the keepers of people’s personalities and cultures, which makes the Bad Bags/Good Bags; All Around The World art exhibition a standout.

Taking place at an art and craft area in Nsambya tomorrow, the exhibition is a transportation of cultures and ideas through art and bags.

Organised by Reinard Wanzke, a music teacher and artistic director from Frankfurt Germany, the exhibition uses the bags as the props to exchange art; for instance, the show which is going around seven world destinations where seven leather bags each carrying an art piece will be paraded, will use bags to represent the creativity of a country.

In the arrangement, every city the exhibition goes to adds a chapter to the art; for instance, when he started with the first exhibition, Wanzke had only seven works from seven Frankfurt-based artists and for the Ugandan one tomorrow, seven Ugandans will have added work to the catalogue and by the end of the seven-city tour, he will be with 49 multi-cultural and discipline works.

During the first show in Frankfurt, the works were kept in the closed bags with only their descriptions visible to the public; in Kampala, works by Ugandan artists will be hidden in the bags, with those of Frankfurt artists on display.

The next station will be in Australia, New Zealand or Tasmania where the works of the Frankfurt and Kampala artists will be visible but the works of the local artist there will be hidden in the bags.

At the end of the seven city exhibitions, the Bad Bags/Good Bags is expected to culminate into a big exhibition where all the 49 works will be showcased. The Ugandan chapter features a number of disciplines that include visual art, dance, music and photography, among others.


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