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Rwanda, Burundi night opens on a high

Despite the heavens opening up a few minutes past 1am last Saturday night, the first edition of the Rwanda, Burundi night at Cayenne lounge in Bukoto is one that will go down in history. 

Dancing time

The idea was simple; bring the Rwandans and Burundians in Kampala for one night of partying with their favourite artistes. It was a red carpet affair – with smartly dressed ushers, who gave you a smile as you walked in. Heineken, who were the event sponsors, had their own ushers who lured you to buy one of their drinks at a discounted price. 

The lounge usually has its stage set in front of the guests in the walk-in area, but this time round, it was moved just above the poolside such that those who had paid for the VIP section, which was at Shs 500,000 for a table of six, would get a better view. 

Guests enjoyed the performances

The revelers didn’t disappoint; they showed up in big numbers. And unlike many shows where the biggest percentage ask for complimentary tickets, this time round most people dag into their pockets to be part of the gig. 

The show started late, but the DJ ensured that guests are happy, playing mostly Rwandese music. Former Big Brother contestant Arthur Nkusi who was one of the MCs kept on cracking a joke or two about Ugandan girls. 

Uganda might be the pearl of Africa, which is gifted by nature, but the Rwandan girls that showed up for the event would definitely make one want to edit that statement.

Party animal Allan Kanyike (L) didn’t also miss

You would forgive me for the language barrier as I couldn’t get what they were singing, but all of the performers had perfect vocals, from Jody, Charly and Nina, and Chare Jazz band that backed them up. 

It was Burundi’s Big Fizzo who had the crowd eating out of his palm; he has a massive following and when he did his single Abiso, the crowd couldn’t stop cheering. DJ Pius, who is highly rated, was, however, just fair. The only thing is that unlike most DJs, he can sing. 

The night was already on ‘fire’ with everything going on plan, but just as Jose Chameleone was about to step on stage past 1am, the heavens opened. The organizers have promised that they will have another edition of the night before the year ends at another venue. 



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