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Now, meet A-Pass the teacher

Alexander Bagonza aka Apass

Popular artiste Alexander Bagonza, alias A-Pass, meets Quick Talk for an interview at Coffee At Last in Makindye. He tells Quick Talk about his passion for life, people and his general outlook to life outside music.

Hi A-Pass…
Sorry, I kept you waiting. I should have been here thirty minutes to the interview, but my boda guy was far; so, I had to wait for him. [Yeah, don’t we all have ‘our’ own boda guy? Celebs too, apparently. Meanwhile, A-Pass speaks with such verve!] I was actually at the studio teaching some kids.

Oh really? So, what were you teaching them?

I teach life. I teach children to be smart and passionate about people and life. You know, in school people are taught to be like zombies. They are all trained to do the same things regardless of their interests and abilities. They are also taught to hold back and be isolated especially during exams.

But real life is about diversity, passion and teamwork. I actually failed exams in school because there was no teamwork! Hahaha… [Okaaay…few people admit to failure in any form] But today big companies hire me to talk to their staff. I have no degree or diploma, but I talk to people with PhDs. 

How impressive!

I am a mind controller; so, I make people love things they didn’t think they would love. I read so many self-help books and I also draw lessons from my personal interactions with people. School sets up people to be average, yet life is about being remarkable and your value towards others. I only care about my legacy, not currency.

Kyokka A-Pass! In your songs you sound so calm and laidback, yet here you are cheerful and quite serious. You sound like an alter ego to the person I always listen to on radio.

It’s all me; I think I have a split personality. I can be quiet, talkative, stubborn and funny…whichever I choose. When you read my Facebook posts, you’ll be laughing. I’ve just been at the studios with Amooti Omubalanguzi of Amarula and I was making him laugh. He always asks me to make my comedy commercial.

[Thanks to our conspicuous table by the café balcony, he is in clear view to all his fans as they pass by. Every now and then, he pauses to wave back at his fans, mostly youths, and also some children. He engages in baby-ish chitchat with a little girl of about three years…]

You seem to like children…

Very much [still waving to the little girl as she walks away]. Kids are my passion 100 percent. They are very honest and real. I surely want to have some of my own. [This, with a big smile and a bright face] Having someone to call me dad is priceless.

So, when do you hope to have them, and how many?

As soon as possible. When I’m settled. I don’t care about numbers. I’ll appreciate any number that God will give me. I just love kids and I must say kids love me too.

So, who is this lucky future baby-mama of yours?

Right now, I don’t have one because of values. I have not found one that is challenging, has drive and wants it so bad. [You hear that, ladies? The fine brotha is searching.]

But a cute guy like you must have quite a number of chicks that want him so badly.

Of course, those are sooo many but, like I said, they don’t meet my values. Several chicks usually come up to me and ask me to [have sex with] them but I just tell them I respect them too much for that and I kindly ask them to respect themselves too [Kyokka Kampala babes. Okaaay, not judging!]

Bannange, chicks! By the way, I heard you broke up with your girlfriend. I thought you guys made such a cute couple.

When you are a liar, there’s no business between us. [Speaking ardently:] I value honesty and respect. I am a romantic guy because I listen a lot and I care about other people’s feelings. When I love, I love only one person and I give them my 100 percent.

Bambi, her loss! Is it true mbu you professed your love for Capital FM’s Flavia Tumusiime to fill up that void?

I’ve always told Flavia that I love her. In fact I’ve done it several times on her show. I only used her as an example in my Facebook post in which I was asking my fans whether it’s okay to declare your love for someone publically. However, people chose to misunderstand the whole thing.

Eeeeh! And the same people said you did it to promote your song, Wont You Give Me A Kiss.

True. That was part of it! That song has the most shares on social media among all my songs. People love that song because it has a story behind it. It has also been massively played on airwaves because of that same reason.

Bambi, Flavia! After accomplishing your mission, you hit social media again and apologized. Why?

Because I’m human. People had insulted her so much because of my actions. It was the fairest thing to do.

That is so typical of a mummy’s boy. Are you one?

I am a mummy’s boy. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I want to be honest with you. I am emotional. I cry sometimes but that doesn’t make me weak [Okay. If you say so.]

By the way, what kind of child were you?

I was a very naughty child. I was born asthmatic but due to my obstinate mentality, I refused to wear sweaters and always played with my inhaler. I used  to call it my cigarette. I refused to pity myself and my body adapted to those conditions. It’s been long since I last had an attack but it was a minor one. Nevertheless, I stay away from smoke just like anybody else should because it’s not good for our health.

Hmm. Can you cook?

I try. I’ve not been practicing; so, I might have lost that touch but I can try making simple things like eggs, I can boil water…[laughs] Yes I can make coffee…


I know… but seriously I love baking and I am good at that. I learnt that at Nakasero primary school. We had baking classes from P5 to P7, a total of three years but I was lucky to have studied it for four years as I managed to repeat my P6 due to stubbornness [Quick Talk has never heard someone put a positive spin to repeating a class. A-Pass is something else!] Anyway, I love cake. It’s one of my favorite snacks. By the way [smiling], my ex-girlfriend used to bake.

So, would you ditch a lover because she can’t bake?

No. I wouldn’t do that. [Laughing] I would take her to school so she buys some baking lessons.

By the way, how old are you?

I am 26 but I love to say I am 27, because I want to be old [Wait for your midlife crisis, brother; when you’ll be dying your grey hair and dressing like a 26-year-old…he hee…]

And your dream car is…

A Dodge Durango! Preferably black, but that will be much later because this is my time to make money and invest it, not to be comfortable [so, A-Pass’ boda guy can rest assured...]

Thank you for your time, A-Pass.

You are welcome. You can always call me up for a chat whenever you want to talk to a gentleman.

A-Pass orders a cup of ice cream to go. He tells Quick Talk he is going to have that at home with fruits. He calls his boda guy but once again, he is far away; so, he decides to walk to his place.


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