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Six local productions to look out for in 2016

One of your new year resolutions could be to watch a Ugandan film. With Hollywood trying to rediscover their now-rusty mojo, the world is looking East, West and South for refreshing storylines to deviate from the car chases and silky, long-haired fantasy heroes.

Maybe it is time Ugandans look to local films for something fresh; after all, TV is as well serving the same telenova storylines borrowed from the original Cinderella fairy tale.

Here, we bring you some of the upcoming local projects that are already making some waves and they will definitely be worth watching when they are released.


It was supposed to come out last year though for reasons only known to the crew, Kennedy Kihire’s New Intentions is still somewhere on a hard drive.

It is a film about a couple of bankers that decides to adopt Wellona, an orphaned girl, after discovering billions of shillings in her name at their bank. Unaware of her own worth, they believe they will get an awesome share of the money. What happens when she finds out about her ‘new parents’’ intentions is what makes the film a must-watch.


According to Jayant Maru the director, Sipi is a film about an 18-year-old boy whose family became victim of the 2010 Bududa landslides in Eastern Uganda.

Living around slums and participating in a marathon leads to a chance encounter with Olympian Stephen Kiprotich, who appears in the film as himself. The movie also has a cameo role by former Miss Uganda, Leah Kalanguka.


This is a film revolving around the dyslexia disorder. Jayant Maru, the director of this one too, refers to it as a marriage of documentary and fiction. It is a story of Kent, a young boy with motor coordination problems, with everyone at school laughing at him. Only Kate, an orphaned girl, believes Kent has what it takes to succeed.


This premiered at the end of 2015. It is a well-threaded story of four young people that become friends at their favourite hangout joint, a coffee shop. At this coffee place, we learn about their dark secrets, fears and intentions.

The well-produced drama already has social media buzzing since its premiere on Urban TV. Much as many people out there haven’t as yet watched it, it is already predicted it may get a bigger following than the now-defunct, celebrity-saturated Beneath The Lies.
Coffee Shop shows on Urban TV on Sundays.

El Cuepo Del Deseo (Ugandan version)

We all loved El Cuepo Del Deseo (Second Chance), with the long-haired tad moving about in other people’s lawns, like he owned them. Well, in the middle of 2015, it was announced that NTV was going to make a Ugandan version of the telenovela. Actors stormed Serena hotel for the auditions, though after that it seemed like all the fire had gone down.

Apparently producers failed to find the ‘Salvador’ they were looking for from the auditions, thus had to do another casting where they invited a few renowned local actors and others from Kenya.

The series is expected to start production later this year, and before we know it, there could be local characters sending girls bananas.

Abagoba Ebirooto (Dream Chasers)

Abagoba Ebirooto hit the social media sites at the beginning of June. It is a film that basically looks at issues of midlife crisis.

Directed by Jimmy Jaban Ssekandi, the film could easily come off as the most anticipated picture of 2016 as its publicists have done their best to keep the public on its toes. At the moment, only part of the cast has been announced, but it is said that production is already underway.

Abagoba Ebirooto will premiere in November.


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