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City dude: Deal with Flavia turning J. Cole down

I have tried my best to stay away from the whole Flavia-J. Cole hullabaloo but it has not given me peace.

The more I see her doing her thing on TV or looking all sassy on social media, the more I have kept thinking about what J. Cole missed. Then came the online fire directed at Flavia Tumusiime. She had been sharing part of her career’s journey on her Facebook page to reach out and inspire someone out there.

She code-named it 30 Days of Flavia. All went well until day 27. From the beginning she was avoiding naming people until she decided to share how someone’s action can be misread. The subject was US rapper J. Cole whom she met in South Africa during Big Brother Africa.

Flavia interviewed him and that was it, until it was time for the after-party where she again met J. Cole and his crew. They took a few pictures and she requested for one with him since she was a fan.

That could be the signal he misread and later sent his boys to request Flavia to join him in his booth. Apparently she declined with the support of her friend. Then her fans took over the comments section.

Some thought she was just showing off because she had not mentioned any names in her past 26 posts. What point was she trying to make by mentioning J. Cole? I agree. But the biggest percentage of people could not believe that a normal Ugandan girl could turn down advances from a millionaire (over 11 million US$) US rapper.

That is when I realised we were surrounded by prostitutes, male and female. I rarely judge people basing on their social media rants because I can be a joke myself, but if you criticized Flavia for turning down the guy or believed it is impossible, just know you are one big slut in my eyes.

Just because someone is rich and famous does not mean you throw yourself at him at the click of a finger. I have had the chance to see it myself on upcountry trips with some of our so-called local artists.

You see village belles literally wanting to eat the dude just because they have been seeing him on TV. Europe has jersey chasers - girls whose main source of income is hanging out and bedding famous sports figures, especially American football, basketball and soccer players.

I don’t know what Ugandan chicks that pride in having bedded all the top musicians are called. Mic chasers?

Let me assure you, sister, the tribes of diseases you will get will be worse than Aids, Ebola and Hepatitis combined. This is the point I ask how a celeb’s ‘mic’ is different from the rest of the everyday dudes’ ‘mics.’

This explains why security is too tight when people like Joe Thomas come to Kampala. Organisers do not want horny Kampala babes jumping into his panty or scaling the walls into his room.

So, Flavia turned down J. Cole; deal with it.


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