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Afroman Spice show brings chronicles of a black woman

Afroman Spice cast Sandy Soul, Ms Nanda and Rasheeda Namulondo

Often, when a young Ugandan girl is seen in the company of an aging white man, speculation goes into overdrive, many assuming she is dating him.

However, many a time these speculations are right – black, skinny girls, most of the times wearing shorts smaller than a belt, are apparently interested in the fairer skin.

Much as the world says it is about the money, the girls themselves insist that it is because of the care they receive from that other race that is rather rare from people of the black race.

And this is one of the topics the poetry and music show, Afroman Spice, at the National theater later this evening will be focusing on.

They will even take some time off to teach the black man how to treat a lady – opening doors for her and making her feel protected.

Afroman Spice will be headlined by three exciting performers, Sandra Nankoma, alias Sandy Soul, Rasheeda Namulondo and Linda Nabasa, alias Ms Nanda.

Sandy Soul is a jazz vocalist who recently headlined the annual World Music Day, end of June, since bursting on the scene in 2013. She has performed alongside Joel Sebunjo, Babaluku, Suzan Kerunen and Giovanni Kiyingi, among others.

Rasheeda Namulondo is a poet and vocalist – mostly known for hosting one of the first one-girl poetry shows, dubbed Layers, mid last year. Namulondo was very instrumental in guitarist Kaz Kasozi’s ‘Seven Seasons’ shows that were held across the city.

It was between Ms Nanda’s banters and Slim Emcee’s enchanters that people found their favourite lines at Kwivuga poetry sessions. She is famous for bashing men like her life depends on it, and yes, this girl is always animated.

Entrance fee is Shs 10,000 and the gates will open at 6pm.


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