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Can Salvado do it on his own?

Salvado Idringi

It is a matter of hours for this question to be settled. Patrick Idringi aka Salvado has been around for some time; he has made his name, but he is yet to cross the line and say: “I held it on my own – a sole standup comedy show.”

The D-day is tomorrow Tuesday for the former telecommunications engineer to make his mark for holding a one-man comedy show dubbed “The Man from Ombokolo.” 

The show scheduled to take place at the Kampala Serena hotel is highly anticipated to be a game changer for Salvado. But don’t you think it is rather overambitious trying to pull off a one-man show in a country where comedy is taking a downward trend?

“Actually, that is the way to go today. You cannot release a DVD, for instance, without having done a one-man gig. Nor can you do what comedians refer to as ‘a special’ without doing a solo gig and everyone who is anyone in the world of comedy has already done this,” Salvado says.

“So no, I don’t think it is too ambitious. On the contrary, I think it is the logical next step for me to take in my career, and the logical next step for any serious comedian to take.” 

According to Salvado, the show will last about two and a half hours. It will be curtain-raised by a live band performance courtesy of Janzi band alongside Myko Ouma for half an hour before the main man takes to the stage for an hour and a half.

He will be joined by his Nigerian counterpart Basket Mouth, who is here to show solidarity with Salvado as he also prepares for his upcoming “Lords of the ribs” comedy show in Nigeria on June 12. Tuesday night will be crowned by singer Bebe Cool. But even with such an appetizing lineup, Salvado isn’t sure how it will turn out tomorrow.

“To be honest, I am nervous,” he candidly reveals before adding: “But like I said, this is the logical next step to take, and so, I am excited about it as well. The truth is whether this show is a success or not, the bottom line is, it will mark a turning point in the comedy industry in Uganda, setting a new bar, which is why I decided to have it at the Serena. A comedian can have a one- man show anywhere, but I chose the Serena to make the statement that this is the level that comedy needs to progress to.”

The good thing the show happens on a public holiday eve, a night when many Ugandans would love to loosen up since the following day is Martyrs day.

The show, which goes for Shs 50,000 and Shs 100,000 for silver and gold sittings respectively, will be filmed and produced on DVDs that will be sold in different stores worldwide.


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