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11 new sub-counties for Kibaale District

The minister of Local Government, Adolf Mwesige, has approved the creation of 11 new sub-counties in the Western district of Kibaale. The minister gave the nod of approval in his letter addressed to the Kibaale District chairperson dated April 23.

Last March, Kibaale District Council passed a resolution creating 11 new sub-counties and five town councils largely to scale up political representation and defuse the ethno-political conflicts in the volatile district.

The same district council also created two new counties and altered the boundaries of Nalweyo and Kisiita sub-counties.

On April 5, George William Namyaka, the Kibaale District chairperson, forwarded the district council resolution to the Local Government minister for approval.

In his response, Minister Adolf Mwesige writes: “This is to inform you that I have, under section 7(5) of the Local Government Act, approved the creation of eleven (11) sub-counties and alteration of boundaries of Nalweyo and Kisiita sub-counties.”

The approved sub-counties are: Kyaterekera, Ndaiga, Ruteete, Burora, Pachwa, Kabamba, Kyenzige, Mpasaana, Birembo, Bubango and Nyamarwa. In the letter, Mwesige also approved 32 new parishes.

“The new sub-counties and the alteration of boundaries of the sub-counties will become effective July 1, 2010,” Mwesige wrote.

The boundaries of Nalweyo and Kisiita sub-counties were drawn along ethnic lines. After splitting Bugangaizi County into two - Bugangaizi County and Bugangaizi East; Nalweyo Sub-county remained in Bugangaizi County, while Kisiita which is predominately inhabited by the immigrant Bafuruki went to Bugangaizi East.

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