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Ganda Boys make history in UK

After Mowzey Radio and Weasel made history last year as the first Ugandan artistes to be nominated for BET awards, another pair of musicians recorded yet another milestone for the industry.

The Ganda Boys became the first Ugandans to perform at the much- acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe festival in Glasgow – with a performance that has got rave reviews throughout the United Kingdom. They also showcased their production, The Man Who Almost Killed Himself, which received a five-star rating by The Evening Standard.

Most cinemas in the UK and those along Leicester Square, where most movies are premiered on Sunday, showed their production. The Man Who Almost Killed Himself is a true story inspired by the work of anthropologist Andrew Irving in Uganda and eastern Africa. The story aims at showing the community, traditions and beliefs of Africa and its thrilling nature.

Denis Mugagga, one half of Ganda Boys, told The Observer through an email that they intend to use this period to build their fan base and expand their audience globally, adding that it’s time for Uganda to export its art not only to Ugandan communities abroad but to the world at large.

“We may not live to see the full power and success of this exposure but we believe the doors have been opened to all the young artistes that want to take this alternative route of music,” Mugagga said.

After an eye-catching performance, the organizers have booked the Ganda Boys for another seven days for the same festival next year, while they are also working on collaborating with Lady Blacksmith Mambazo.

The Ganda Boys, who include Mugagga, Daniel Ssewagudde and Craig Pruess, met during the BBC-TV series, “Moses Jones”, in 2008, which received a British Academy award nomination for Best Original Music Score.

The Edinburgh Fringe festival is among the largest arts festival in the world, and takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland’s capital city.


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