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MPs in uproar over Museveni staff salaries

A new list of staff salaries in the Office of the President and State House has caused an uproar among Members of Parliament.

The matter was raised on the floor of Parliament by Opposition Chief Whip Cecilia Ogwal. According to the list, many of the president’s  handlers earn a salary enough to finance a district’s development budget for the whole year.

The details are contained in the 2014/15 Ministerial Policy statement for the Office of the President due for presentation to Parliament by Frank Tumwebaze, the minister for the Presidency. Copies of the policy statement were first distributed to MPs yesterday as Parliament reconvened from a two-week recess.

Anne Babinaga and Iryne Watenga Karamagi stand out as the highest- paid presidential handlers each earning a monthly salary of Shs 96m which totals to an annual sum Shs 1.152bn, the total sum that some districts such as Bukomansimbi received last financial year for its development budget.

“The entire civil service of Mukono municipality has a monthly budget of Shs 35m; that means that one staff in the office of the president can pay all the staff at my municipality,” Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke told The Observer.

“I am amazed by the patience of Ugandans that they have up to now not risen up and chased [these people] out of these positions because this shows that we are not mindful about the plight of other Ugandans,” she added.

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