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Kilembe mines to produce 12 megawatts

Tibet Hima, the consortium that took over Kilembe Mines Limited, has announced that it will upgrade electricity generation capacity on River Mubuku from the 5MW to 12MW.

Tinka Kwatampora, one of the consultants for Tibet Hima, said power supply would be boosted to support the processing of minerals.

“We are still in the exploration process. After that, we shall do the renovation of the assets, which Tibet inherited from the government.

And the dam is also going to be upgraded because the state it is in now is not good and it cannot generate enough electricity for the mines and copper processing,” Kwatampora told The Observer last week.

He said the hydro power dam, which was constructed to produce 5MW of power has been producing less than 2MW.

“We visited the dam and the water is enough to generate 12MW. So, our first priority is going to be to work on the dam because we want power and after that we shall also renovate other assets like buildings,” said Kwatampora.

He said other parts of the district would be explored for copper.

“We are looking at areas of Kyalumba, Kitholu, Bukangra and Rukooki and we expect all those places to have copper. But it is after the exploration process that we shall be sure,” Kwatampora said.

He explained that the May floods of last year had negative effects on the copper mines and that the company is expected to invest heavily in the renovation of some of the infrastructures that were destroyed.

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