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Just writing: Real men protect women, buy them flowers

This Sunday has surely been something God thought of before I went into my mother’s womb.

You know just like a missing dot, this came in at the right time and came to stay. I was actually supposed to be in class by 9:30am because I am reading for my accountancy course, but something kept telling me, Kelly go to Mavuno (Church). I had spent almost a month without going there.

Immediately I entered, I saw men leading the worship team – oh how I would have missed. They all looked dazzling and I was impressed. I think one of their ribs was given to me actually (just kidding). It was generally a good sight for a change as we usually have women in the choir.

As usual, it got down to business and a new pastor was introduced and no sooner had he gone up the podium, than he introduced the topic of the day: REAL MEN: HOW TO BE A REAL MAN.
I immediately thought of my friend as I have always told him about Mavuno church’s programmes, but he believes  “Sunday is me time”.

Pastor Simon split his real man story in four, as below:

1. A real man should be a servant king
A servant king is not that king that we always watch in Nigerian movies, with people screaming, Igwe, tossing round his swagg, with half-naked women swaying handmade fans. No.
A servant king is the one who is happy when his kingdom is at peace.

2. A real man should be a wise mentor
Now, many of us come from families where breaking a plate would make us hide for dear life. So a father, boyfriend or husband should never utter a negative comment. He should only speak words to build, not destroy, words to make you double, not half.

He should uplift, not step on all in his domain.
Pastor also said a real man should have a vision. How will he lead his kingdom when he doesn’t even know where he is going?! He should be able to sit down and tell you, “Look here, we don’t have money now, but this is the plan I have. This is how I will make it, and this is your part in this whole project.”

3. A real man should be a tender warrior
Ah, this was the best part for the ladies like me. He should be able to fight for you. Pastor Simon said: “He should be strong enough to fight for you, but tender enough to buy you flowers.”
Oh, who doesn’t want that? He gave an example of Adam and Eve; he was to protect and lead Eve, but when the snake came around, he let it in all the way to the extent that he also fell along.

I also actually learnt that when God came looking for them in their hiding, he called Adam, not Eve, meaning he knew what he had done, and the men in our lives should take charge of us all the time.

4. A real man should be a faithful friend
Now, ladies who thought your man having his boys is a bad idea, think twice. Let the man be, let him play with his boys. But they should be good boys, not those who tell him about the hottest campuser in the estate or the coolest intern in their company.

And at the end of the sermon, Pastor Simon made the men pledge thus:
“God helping me, I want to lead and protect as a servant king, protect and model others, connect to my wife and girlfriend as a faithful friend, so help me God!!!”
Oh how nice. I wished all men in Uganda were in that room.


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