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New army big wigs: Who are they?

The army’s new leadership, announced last week, went from being lowly aides to senior NRA/UPDF officers to to the very pinnacle of the army. Sulaiman Kakaire traces their journey to the top.

Gen Kale Kayihura

Gen Kale Kayihura, who was born on December 26, 1955 in Kisoro district, joined the army in 1982 and was commissioned as a Junior Officer II (JOII).

Kayihura had read Law at Makerere University and held a Master of Laws (LLM) from the University of London by 1982. He started off as an Aide de Camp to the Commander of the Mobile Brigade. When NRA took over power in 1986, Kayihura became the Staff Officer to the Office of the assistant Minister of Defence.

In 1988, he became the Chief Political Commissar besides being the Director of Political Education in NRA. He was also the Operational Commander of the UPDF forces in Ituri DRC. Before he became IGP, he worked as a military assistant to the president and headed the Anti-Smuggling unit (Special Revenue Police Services) as well.

Kayihura has attended a number of military courses including at the Army Commander College in Nanjing, China, Combined Arms Course (Brigade/Battalion Commander’s Course, Conflict Resolution/management course) at Nasser Military Academy Cairo, Egypt and a Command and Staff Course at Maxwell Air Force Base Alabama, USA 2000-2001.

He was also a Member of the Uganda Constitutional Commission which promulgated the 1995 Constitution as well as a Permanent member of the Uganda delegation of the OAU Africa liberation Committee. He is married with children.

Lt Gen Charles Angina

Currently, he is an army representative in Parliament. To his colleagues on the Rules, Privileges and Discipline parliamentary committee, Angina is an outgoing person and quite receptive. Lt Gen Charles Angina was born on March 29, 1962 in Soroti district.

He joined the army in 1983 and was commissioned in 1985 after completing a one-year Officer Cadet course. He has undertaken a number of military courses including a National Defence Course in China (1998), a Command and General Staff Course (cgsc) in the US in 2000, and a course in Military and Media in a Democracy - University of Kansas in 2000.

Besides, he did a Joint Tactical Command Course in China and he has also trained as a Combined Platoon Commander in North Korea.

As he assumes his position as deputy chief of defence forces, Angina has served as Chief of Staff Land Forces, Chairman UPDF General Court Martial, Military Attache in the US, Military Advisor in Tanzania, Sector Commander Basankusu (Operation Safe Haven) DRC, Sector Commander Ituri region DRC (OSH), 2 Division Commander, 305 Brigade Commander and Operational Coordinator 2 Division, 4 Division Intelligence Officer, Operational Intelligence Officer Combined Mobile Forces, Platoon Commander, Intelligence Officer as well as Aide De Camp.

He is married with children.

Maj Gen David Muhoozi

Muhoozi was born 48 years ago in Mbarara district. He joined the army in 1985 and was commissioned on April 21, 1989. He holds a Bachelor of Laws, a diploma in legal practice and a Master’s degree in International Affairs.

After completing his Officer Cadet course at the School Of Infantry in Jinja, Muhoozi attended a Company Commander course at Monduli, Tanzania in 1998, a senior Command and Staff College course in Ghana as well as a Defence Studies in Royal Defence College, Sandhurst UK.

Other professional courses attended include a Professional Security Course in Israel, Executive Programme for Senior African Military Leaders Course in Beijing, China, Internal Crisis Management Course - Ghana, International Peace Support Operations (IPSO) course, Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre, Defense Management Course in Ghana, as well as a Senior International Defense Course at the Naval Postgraduate School, California, USA.

Muhoozi has also served in various capacities including being a Commander of Air Defence Division, Commander of the Armoured Brigade, Chief Of Staff Air Force, Brigade Commander Motorized Infantry, Base Commander Air Force Entebbe. In 1997 after having served as the Defence Counsel of the General Court Martial, he took up the role of Staff Officer General duties at CMI, where he spent four years. He is married with children.

Maj Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi

Born in 1962 in Kasese, Maj Gen Mbadi joined the army on March 15, 1986 and was commissioned in 1991 after completing a one-year officer cadet course at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK. He attended several military courses which include a Platoon Commander’s course at the School of Infantry Jinja, 1992.

In 1994, he did a Junior Staff College course in Jinja. In 1998, he did a Mobile International Defence Management course in Lusaka, Zambia as well as a Company Command course in Tanzania in 1998. He has also done a Senior Command & Staff ‘psc’ at Defence Staff College Kenya and a Peace Support Operations course PSTC DSC Karen Kenya 2004.

He also completed a Combat Group Command course at Armoured Corps Centre & School Ahmadnagar, India 2001. Currently, Mbadi holds a Master’s of Strategic Studies Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base Alabama, USA-2007. He has served as a Junior NCO Instructor at Kabamba 1987-1989. In 1991, he was the Officer in charge of Career Planning. He was also director of Supplies and Brigade Logistics Officer.

In 2001, he was a Director of Staff at the Junior Command and Staff college - Jinja 2001 before he became the Armoured Brigade Operations and Training Officer 2002-2003 as well as Acting Brigade Commander Armoured Brigade 2004. He commanded the 507 Brigade in 2005.

In 2007 he became Aide-de-Camp (ADC) to the president before he headed the fourth division in 2012. Currently, he is the Joint Chief of Staff. He is married with children.

Maj Gen Samuel Turyagyenda

Turyagyenda was born 61 years ago in Rukungiri district. Before joining the army in 1986, he worked in the police from 1973 to 1985. Between 1973 and 1976, he got a Diploma in Civil Commercial flying in USSR.

In the military he has served in the Air force as Squadron Commander of the MI-17 Helicopter, acting Director of Air Force, deputy Commander of Air Force before he took up his current position as Commander UPDF Air Forces and Chief Pilot Presidential Helicopter.

He has done several military courses including, Conversion course on MI-8/MI-17 helicopters in Libya 1986, Air Command and Staff Course Air University –Maxwell Air Force Base and several Helicopter refresher courses in Kazan, Russia. He also attended  Commercial Rotor craft course at Oak Grogi, USA 1997 and Conversion/Transition at Bell Helicopter training College USA. He is married with five children.

Brig Joseph Semwanga

Brig Joseph Semwanga was born in 1973 in Mukono district. He joined the army in 1995 and was commissioned on July 4, 1997 after completing a cadet course in Monduli, Tanzania. He has attended a number of courses among them including an Instructors course, a course in Special Forces Light Infantry course, Tank Crew course, Tank Platoon Command course, Tank Technology course in India, Tank Company Command course, Tank Battalion Command course as well as a Senior Command and Staff College (Psc) in Tanzania 2008.

He has held a number of appointments that include being the commandant Armoured Warfare Training School Karama, Chief Instructor Armoured Warfare Training School Karama, Admin Officer Armoured Warfare Training School, Brigade Operations and Training Officer Armoured Brigade.

Currently he is the Brigade Commander Armoured Brigade. He is married with children.

Brig Augustine Kamyuka Kyazze

Brig Kyazze, 52, was born in Mpigi district. He joined the army in 1987 only to be commissioned in 1997.

He has attended a number of military courses that include; a Senior Command and Staff College course, a Tank Battalion Commander’s course, Command and Tactics Armored Course as well as Course in Tank Platoon Commanders.

In his service he has served as the Officer Commanding Tank unit, Acting Brigade Commander Armoured Brigade, Chief Instructor Armored Warfare Training School, Karama, as well as serving as the Commander of the  Armoured Component for Amison. Currently, he is the Deputy Chief of Logistics and Engineering in - charge of Engineering. He is married with children.


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