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To revive economy, state needs to tame its greed & not prey on taxpayers!

The current state of the Ugandan economy is cause for concern. With traders threatening to go on strike on April 8, 2024, and a significant decline in the number of large taxpayers, it is evident that urgent measures are needed to address the challenges faced by the nation.

One of the primary grievances expressed by traders is the issue of double or multiple taxation and the harsh enforcement methods employed by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). Double taxation places an excessive burden on businesses, stifling growth and discouraging investment.

Much of this complained-of double taxation stems from inadequate bookkeeping practices and improper tax assessments, which sometimes lead to presumptive decisions. The government should review its tax policies to ensure fairness and avoid imposing undue hardships on traders.

The significant drop in large taxpayers is concerning and demands prompt investigation. While the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have undoubtedly impacted the economy, it’s critical to determine whether these events are the sole causes of the decline or if other underlying factors are at play.

Addressing these factors is key to stabilizing the economy and attracting investment. Government corruption allegations and reports of politicians’ excessive spending have diminished public trust. Misappropriation of public funds not only damages the economy but also hampers essential services like healthcare and education.

The government needs to decisively tackle corruption, hold perpetrators accountable, and ensure public funds are used effectively and transparently.

The sluggish circulation of money within the country further aggravates economic issues. Delays in paying teachers, government suppliers, and public procurement entities have a domino effect, impacting both businesses and individuals.

Prompt payment by the government is vital to revitalize the economy, rebuild confidence, and encourage participation in the formal economy. Uganda’s tax policy should be grounded in solid economic principles, not influenced by external entities. Developing an autonomous, well-rounded tax system is crucial to foster economic growth, stimulate investment, and support local industries.

Collaboration with experts and stakeholders will help formulate tax policies balancing revenue generation and business sustainability. Expanding the tax base is crucial to lessen the load on a select few. Integrating informal sector participants into the tax system can create a more equitable and inclusive framework, ensuring a fair contribution from all and reducing the burden on the formal sector.

Reviving Uganda’s economy and controlling public spending requires a multifaceted approach that addresses trader concerns, promotes accountable governance, fights corruption, and enforces sensible tax policies.

The government’s focus should be on the welfare of Ugandans, providing essential services, and fostering a climate conducive to economic growth. This strategy will lay the groundwork for a thriving and equitable future for all Ugandan citizens.


0 #1 Joe 2024-04-06 17:39
Thank you Observer editorial team. The decline in the number of large tax payers is indeed concerning. Govt should borrow a leaf from least paid folks.

Imagine someone living on Ug.Shs.200,000 (approx. U.S.$52) or less per month! If the little that's collected by URA and supplemented by aid/grants/concessional loans is appropriated to strategic productive sectors and not stolen, then the quality of life will improve for everyone.

Thank you Observer for publishing all our comments, including those from a clearly unhinged individual.
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0 #2 Lakwena 2024-04-08 07:09
The observer Editors, a regime of the greedy, by the greedy and for the greedy, can never and will tame its GREED. It is like telling the hyenas and pigs to tame their greed.

In other words, the NRM leadership and following is made of pure greed, therefore has no room for taming GREED
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