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38 years of ‘Jajja tova ku main’ is a deterrent by millennials

President Museveni

President Museveni

As Africa’s millennial generations are rightly demanding a role in shaping their own future, surprisingly in Uganda, it’s contrary; the same millennial generation is living in self-denial and cheerful contributing to own deterrence and abrogation.

The millennial generation and younger people in Africa are on frontlines and in headlines reclaiming their own future that has been abrogated by elders. In Uganda, the same millennial generation and younger people with shortsighted vision for short-term gains are working backwards against the rest of Africa.

I want to remind my fellow millennial generation and all younger people about the famous quote by Nelson Mandela. He said: “Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great; you can be that great generation.”

Whenever I see younger a man and woman below 40 years, chanting slogans such as Jajja tova ku main, it prompts me to ask a fundamental question. What happened to our millennial generation? Has it degenerated into deterrence, self-denial, self-mistrust and distrust?

What happened to the trust that prompted Nelson Mandela’s visionary statements towards our generation as millennials?

Since the start of the 21st century in the early 2000s, we are still told that “the future is yours!” I always wonder: “where and when is the future?”

I thought the future was now. These are the golden days of life to write our own history as a millennial. Does my millennial generation that cheerful chants Jajja tova ku main forget the life span of human beings and the realities of biology? Is biology a myth, or a reality? Do these young men and women chanting Jajja tova ku main ever consider biology as essential to all those born?

Do they even know the long-term consequences of their current actions?

Honestly, let us not joke or play with biology; our elders may still have strength and are wiser, but they are definitely not young anymore. Some tasks need physical abilities and it is a natural phenomenon as President Yoweri Museveni himself stated on May 12, 2012 on NTV’s

On the Spot programme, it has been proven scientifically that after 75 years, one is not capable of leading vigorously, although he continues to be active. Leadership and governance in society today requires younger people who are able to run around, effectively monitor service delivery, policy performances and efficient supervision of all sectors.

The elders can still remain essential by offering advice, valuable insights just like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Tony Blair, among others. The millennials are younger and hold an advantage of being vigorous.

My area of contention with fellow millennials chanting Jajja tova ku main is that these elders are truly experienced but it is unrealistic and opportunistic for younger people to keep cheering elders to traverse the natural course of life.

If you keep telling someone of 80 years that you are still young, then you are his number-one enemy. Unfortunately, the bazzukulu chanting Jajja tova ku main may not remember and did not learn from the relay run.

In the relay, we used to run very fast, with speed and vigour. The first runner handed the short stick to the second, until the fourth. Whoever designed that athletic sport of 400 meters short relay race knew that with time, human beings age, weaken and our bodies wither away.

Scientifically, the human body deteriorates with time, however powerful or nutritious one can try to keep up. The millennials and bazzukulu should be mindful that even if they push the elders far beyond their limit, they cannot beat biology.

At some point, the scientific realities of life catch up; the sad reality is “we can accomplish so much but we cannot accomplish everything.”

The bazzukulu should come to terms of these biological and scientific realities of life, instead of adamantly remaining shortsighted. To avoid future calamities similar to Robert Mugabe, Gnassingbé Eyadéma and Sani Abacha, the Bazzukulu of Tova ku main should learn from history of political instabilities and economic setbacks that happened in the countries of these former presidents.

Therefore, instead of misleading our elders, it is prudent upon our millennials generation to trust in their capabilities for top leadership, instead of settling for cheerleading and wheelbarrow pushing.

It is also upon the millennial’s generation to gain confidence and pursue a millennial generation cause during the most productive days of its life. The historical elders can continuously offer wise advice to our millennial generation in order stir the country to greater heights.

The writer is a futurist and considers himself a patriot.


0 #11 Akot 2024-02-20 18:27
Quoting Lakwena:

many did not hear Jajja categorically telling Ugandans on 26th Jan 2017, that he is not one of their servants nor employees.

they are not bothered that; although the Jajja is falling apart with one foot in the grave, the man is taking away food from their mouths.

The man is not just the Master of Violence and Greed, but also the Master of Youths Unemployment.

he appoints all retired and Pensionable UPDF Officers... into Vice President, Cabinet Ministers, RDC and Directors of Statutory Authorities, Immigration, commandeers all Major Civil construction works to the UPDF.


What will Uganda be by the time he dies of old age at +90?
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0 #12 Akot 2024-02-20 18:35
Charles Dicken Oruk, understood, but,

The only chance the young will have to live in a Uganda that will belong to them & their kids will be when Ugandans say NO to the tribalistic system & UNITE, under just ONE of them as National Leader, to ensure Rwandese Museveni is out!

Why are Ugandans tribally divided ruled just watching, helping Museveni destroy them?
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0 #13 Akot 2024-02-20 18:45
Charles Dicken Oruk, thanks, but,

Going to the bush will only worsen the situation as Ugandans will be the ones fighting one another!

Rwandese Museveni, like Sudanese Idi Amin, has the money to live whereever he wants & has NOTHING to lose!

Only Ugandans are losers if the go to the bush as they will fight one another!

Just NO to the tribalistic system & UNITY are all Ugandans need, if they want to be in control of their land & govern as they wish!

Why are tribal leaders still in posts?

Why are divisive opposition leaders still ensuring there is no PEOPLE with a National Leader, to ensure Museveni is out?

Why are Ugandans POWERLESS tribally divided slaves of migrant Museveni?
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+1 #14 Akot 2024-02-20 18:51
Why are Ugandans afraid to live without Rwandese Museveni, so ensure they are powerless tribally divided ruled by him, knowing it's the son who will replace the dad finally?

Would a Ugandan be destroying Rwanda like this & would Rwandese just help him?

Where is that just ONE National Leader, to help UNITE Ugandans?
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