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Plenderleith targets back-to-back wins at Serena 63 Golf Series

Plenderleith (R) receives a golf bag from I&M Bank

Plenderleith (R) receives a golf bag from I&M Bank

The second quarter of the Serena 63 golf series at the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa in Kigo is already ongoing.

This is after Dave Plenderleith won the recent quarter, which ended on May 26 with a total score of 179 points for which he collected prizes from the I&M bank, the official sponsors of this year long golf series.

Plenderleith, who is 70, is a seasoned campaigner, who draws from his 60 years experience playing golf, at this point in time. He leads second-placed Duncan Kaggwa by 16 points. Plenderleith knows that what he holds now is not the biggest of leads.

Therefore, he must remain steadfast to maintain consistency throughout this quarter, that wraps up in August. His ultimate goal is to ensure that he can register back-to-back series victories by the time the whole season ends in November.

“Last year, I won the order of merit and the 63 Series at Serena. So, to do it again would be great, the same way I have won the Uganda Seniors twice,” Plenderleith said.

So much for consistency, Plenderleith emphasized, as he talked about how difficult it is to keep winning in golf. Plenderleith noted that there is quite a big field of competitors to contend with in the Serena 63 golf series. Therefore, it will take a lot of practice and hard work to overcome them.

Indeed, looking at the chasing back, that Plenderleith has to stave off, is also Leena Halai in third place on 147 points. And with so much golf still to play until the end of the year, Plenderleith acknowledges that it will be no mean feat were he to succeed to beat all and sundry by the end of the year.

Add others like John Byabagambi (134 points), Jadu Patel (118 points), Gloria Nanyonga (108 points), Sahil Halai (107 points), Ssebale Kato (101 points), and Maria Odido (100 points), then one realizes how tough it still looks.

In light of the aforementioned, Plenderleith said that golf is a complex game for which one can never be sure about what will happen even when they have been training well. He is quite sure that every one of those that are chasing him, have the potential to win. And since he acknowledges that he has also had his bad days on the course, he is taking nothing for granted.

Keeping the focus and practising regularly to maintain a good standard is imperative to Plenderleith. He is working hard to maintain good golfing levels. And practice, he does. By his admission, staying near the course has given Plenderleith an opportunity to practice a lot more on it.

Plenderleith’s knowledge of the course feels like how well he knows the back of his hand. And to win the ultimate I&M bank prize at the end of the series, something Plenderleith is looking forward to, will depend a lot on the experience (countless swings and putts) he has mustered playing on the course regardless of its challenges. First stop will be August. Then it will be known on whether he is on course for the ultimate victory.


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