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ADF rebels planning attacks on Namugongo pilgrims - security

Pilgrims queue up at Namugongo Catholic shrine

Pilgrims queue up at Namugongo Catholic shrine

DRC-based Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) planned to carry out terror attacks against pilgrims at Namugongo during this year's Martyrs Day celebrations on June 3 according to security agencies.

To counter the alleged terror threat, security agencies have formed a special anti-terrorism squad. Thousands of pilgrims have already arrived at both Catholic and Anglican Martyrs Shines to commemorate Martyrs Day on Monday. The number of expected pilgrims is expected to hit more than one million.

Now, security sources claim that they have learnt that the 14 ADF terrorists crossed into Uganda about a month ago and are planning to cause havoc during the celebrations. Police’s counter-terrorism (CT) building on intelligence gathered by defence intelligence and security (DIS), formerly, the chieftaincy of military intelligence (CMI) on Wednesday last week attacked a hideout of a wanted ADF terrorist Yasin Ddamulira in Mityana district and shot him dead.

Ddamulira’s death, according to Col Deo Akiiki, deputy defence public information officer, came after DIS observed that he was in communication and it was decided to swiftly raid the place where signals had been detected. Ddamulira is accused of having been part and parcel of a group that attacked and detonated three bombs in Kampala in 2021 that claimed the lives of five civilians and one police officer while another 23 police officers and 10 other civilians were injured.

Security claims that upon examining Ddamulira’s phone and other communication means, it was established that he sneaked back into Uganda about a week ago and his mission was to supervise terror attacks in Namugongo.

“Ddamulira was killed but his phone and some communication material show he had come to ensure pilgrims are attacked before or during Martyrs Day celebrations. This is why security has formed an ad-hoc special anti-terrorism squad to ensure no acts of terrorism are orchestrated,” sources said.

The team comprises special forces command (SFC), police's counter-terrorism (CT), DIS and crime intelligence purposely to ensure all avenues that could be used to hurt pilgrims before, during or after prayers are swatted. Patrick Onyango, Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, confirmed that terror-related intelligence has been received and communicated to all security agencies and personnel manning security at Namugongo.

“We ask the pilgrims to be extra careful and report any suspicious objects. We have channelled the 999 call centre to Namugongo and whatever call will be made will be received at Namugongo,” Onyango said.

By Thursday, three trucks loaded with SFC soldiers had been deployed at strategic places at Namugongo while CT offices accompanied by bomb squads of both police and military were at the entrance and exit points.

Meanwhile, Betty Amongi, minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development, said the government has already given out Shs 1.1 billion to the organizing committees at Catholic and Anglican shrines while the Muslim committee has been given Shs 200 million. 

However, the organizing committee at the Catholic Shrines said they were still short of Shs 700 million to meet their budget. But the minister of state for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Martin Mugarra said they were going to ensure all plans for Martyrs Day are financially supported.


+3 #1 Rwatooro 2024-06-03 00:41
ADF IS M7, there has never been ADF in Congo.
Bugingo heads ADF in Uganda. He recently killed he's bodyguard who refused to carry ADF Mission.

Has Bugingo ever been in court or been asked by a police? Has M7 ever tried to ask Bugingo what happened? Just no that ADF is M7 to terrorize he's political opponents.
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+1 #2 PaulM 2024-06-03 12:12
ADF is a cash cow for Mu7 and his security forces to justify the huge defense and classified expenditure.

Whenever they feel like it, they scare Ugandans with fake ADF attacks or set up fake ones and accuse ADF. Most of the time the bomb "suspects" are taken out of action during arrest.
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0 #3 Mark Mae 2024-06-03 18:15
I did not know that ADF still exists. I understand they are a bunch of hooligans who had been wiped out by the well trained Ugandan Army but I see they are still a headache to Uganda if at all they ever existed.
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