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Police block Bobi Wine meeting in Kamuli

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

Police in Busoga North on Wednesday blocked a consultative meeting by National Unity Platform (NUP) president, Robert Kyagulanyi in Kamuli district.

Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine was slated to hold a meeting on Wednesday at Kananage primary school, in Northern Division, Kamuli municipality, however, police deployed heavily at the grounds. Police also mounted roadblocks along all major roads leading to Kamuli town from the Isimba bridge to the Jinja-Kamuli road, and Mbulamuti-Bukungu road among others.

Marine police intensified their presence along Lake Kyoga, checking all passenger boats. Meanwhile, police officers at the different checkpoints in Kamuli town searched all commuter taxis, and private vehicles, looking out for any NUP supporters wearing red berets.

A police officer deployed at one of the checkpoints who spoke on condition of anonymity said that intelligence-led information revealed how dozens of Kyagulanyi's advance team had pitched camp in the different lodges and hotels across Kamuli district to mobilize Kyagulanyi's meeting. 

Michael Kasadha, Busoga North police spokesperson says that Kyagulanyi's previous consultative meetings were halted over non-adherence to set guidelines. Kasadha notes that, rather than sticking to the agreed town hall meetings, Kyagulanyi opted to hold rallies.

Kasadha further says that the rallies would also affect businesses in the area and slow down traffic. NUP's head of carders, training, and recruitment, Andrew Muwanguzi told journalists that, they had notified the Inspector General of Police about their planned nationwide tours starting in Kamuli district.

However, Kasadha argues that their superiors in Kampala have not responded. Muwanguzi tasked their supporters to keep calm as they await further communication on the next course of action.


+2 #1 jose 2024-05-23 07:53
PANIC... PANIC ...The message is there people know what they want even when you block him people will also shun you .

We know carry people and even give t shirts but after there they throw them the moment you dont see them.

If you doubt that ask them where the t shirts you gave the last time you carried them
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+1 #2 Charles Dicken Oruk 2024-05-23 10:21
In 1980 during the period of campaign and election, none of UPM members was arrested.

Museveni himself was not hindered by the Uganda police then nor the UNLA. He (Museveni) did his consultation and later campaigned where he was everytime saying that he will go to the bush should election be rigged.

That time there was no tear gas fired on his supporters, not even live bullets were fired against them. Despite such a peaceful election, Museve cooked his words that the 1980 election was rigged. Todate no evidence except the usual lies.
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+2 #3 Charles Dicken Oruk 2024-05-23 10:27
Today Museveni and his NEA/M are too scared of NUP to the level that they openly bar the party from doing mare consultation yet Dr Besigye has just being traversing the country in consultation.

NUP leaders must know that Museveni is very afraid of a party that can end his longevity. They will not allow NUP to operate freely. NUP leaders must think for another alternative, otherwise the regime will be planning to completely destroy NUP. You cannot sit in a lion den and expect to be treated nicely.
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