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Panga-wielding Nateete robber arrested in Kyotera

Ashraf Kiiza

Ashraf Kiiza

The police's flying squad has arrested the panga and hammer-wielding assailant, Ashraf Kiiza who attempted to violently rob Sam Turyamuhaki at Bashir Grain Millers in Nateete-Kutano, Kampala on Monday evening.

Kiiza who has been on the run since was on Wednesday arrested while hiding away some 175kms in Kyotera. He is currently being detained at Nateete police station according to Kampala Metropolitan police.

Kiiza's attack and attempted robbery was captured on CCTV cameras and was immediately identified by the police as an employee of Bashir Grain Millers, where he attempted to rob.

CCTV footage shows Kiiza walking into the cash office of Bashir Grain Millers. He places the sack on the waiting chairs as Turyamuhaki counts money seemingly unbothered. Soon after Kiiza picks a machete from the sack and orders Turyamuhaki to surrender the money he was counting.

Instead, Turyamuhaki throws the money on the ground and attempts to grab the attacker’s panga but misses it in the process.

“I was verifying Shs 8 million that had been handed to me by the owner of Bashir Grain Millers. A man unexpectedly entered the office carrying a sack. In a terrifying turn of events, he pulled out a panga and hammer and started demanding the money I was counting,” Turyamuhaki told police.

Both the hammer and the panga were recovered at the scene.


+2 #1 Uhuru 2024-05-17 17:51
These kinds of people are not needed in our country, period!
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-1 #2 Lysol 2024-05-18 05:26
Quoting Uhuru:
These kinds of people are not needed in our country, period!

Did you mean Kenya? Or maybe you are not that Uhuru.
Well, I understand that some Baganda tribes practice cannibalism, especially in Rakai district.

Maybe he wanted to use the machete/ panga to chop up his victims for muchomo?
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