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8 Crane Performers members arrested for insulting Museveni at Mbabazi wedding anniversary

President Museveni gives his speech at the anniversary

President Museveni gives his speech at the anniversary

At least eight members of the Crane Performers, a cultural entertainment group have been arrested by police for allegedly insulting President Yoweri Museveni as he delivered his speech during the 50th marriage anniversary of former prime minister Amama Mbabazi. 

Mbabazi and his wife, Jacqueline Mbabazi on Saturday hosted family and friends at Serena Hotel Kampala to celebrate their 50 years in marriage. It is alleged that as Museveni was addressing the guests at around 11 pm, some Crane Performers members allegedly shouted at the president in Runyankole for overspeaking.

The words in Runyankole, according to security sources were ‘Rutabandana Waturusya Rugahamuzindaro’ loosely translated as "you're over speaking, we are tired, leave the microphone."

Senior security sources said that this shocked very many people, and they turned to see who would dare insult the president. Lt Tonny Komakech, a member of Special Forces Command (SFC) which guards the president said he had seen the Crane Performers members abusing the fountain of honour.

“Immediately, security rounded up Crane Performers as suspects who had insulted the president. Among the suspects was the group’s director Gordon Kayovu,” sources said.

Other members of Crane Performers that were arrested and taken to Kampala Central police station include; Edward Tugume, 37, David Muvunyi, 47, Walter Oleng, 38, Simon Bebwa, 27, Paul Ruduli, and Tonny Okello.

The Mbabazis at their 50th wedding anniversary
The Mbabazis at their 50th wedding anniversary

A case file on reference CPS K'LA CRB 614/2024 was opened on Sunday where charges of insulting the person of the president were preferred against the suspects.

“We recorded the statements on Sunday from the suspects and witnesses. They were interviewed in the presence of SFC,” sources said.

Patrick Onyango, Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson said he had not been briefed about anything related to insulting the person of the president. However, sources said the directorate of forensic science (DFS) was invited to profile and fingerprint the suspects at CPS.

“It was a tense situation as everything was being done or directed by SFC. Whatever police did was also recorded by SFC. It was established that all the arrested suspects were in possession of microphones at the time of the occurrence,” sources said.

However, sources said a directive has since been given to one of the SFC officers to ensure that the suspects are not taken to court, but are released on police bond since its director Gordon Kayovu is a known ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party diehard.


+7 #1 Lakwena 2024-04-08 08:36
But since when is telling someone off that "enough is enough " become an insult. The man is least concerned for others.

In other words, since 25th Jan 1986, "Our Problem of Africa" is the same talking-head person, about the same thing/nonsense (whatever is not true is a nonsense).

The Crane Performers have actually expressed what many Ugandans are bottled up with: fed up of the same grumpy Gen Tibuhaburwa's empty self-importance speeches. It can't become an insult.

To say someone is stupid,a fool or an idiot, is not an insult, but a summary description of what someone is, becoming and/or does.

E.g., while other Guests and the Host, dressed up properly for such an occasion, but without a clue about "Place, Time and Occasion (PTO), "Our Problem of Africa" instead dressed up (badly) like an Ice-fishing Eskimo in the North Pole or a Penguin in the South Pole.

I suppose, it is not an insult.
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+9 #2 Nkuutu Kibedi 2024-04-08 10:47
Our president should get used to being insulted, criticised etc.

This is because he holds a public office. Presidents are routinely insulted; Netanyahu was insluted recently by Israelis; Trump was perpetually insulted; Obama was once insulted in Congress; it is "normal".

It just goes to show what someone thinks about another person, in this case the "other" person jus happened to be the president, As the saying goes: if you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.....
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+8 #3 kabayekka 2024-04-08 11:30
Interesting that a diehard citizen of the NRM can come out in the public to tell the chairman to shorten his constant well learned lectures of the fountain of honour! God bless his soul.

NRM fought for themselves to speak and not for others to say a single word. That is why the chairman of this political party is unchallenged now many years and counting. The Ganda tribespeople should be able to read through such fed up political opposition rhetoric and avoid to participate in the anticipated next national elections that again are not going to be free and fair. Such biased elections continue to keep the independent country of Buganda perpetually in a corrupt union ot Uganda.
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+10 #4 Remase 2024-04-08 17:02
The question is; what is insulting in "You are over speaking, we are tired, leave the microphone."

Also, is it the duty of the SFC militants to protect the president against harmless words? The fact of the matter is, M7's autocracy is beyond reproach!

The other day, a friend of mine was speaking on the phone outside the court, the one near Fairway Hotel, and after he dropped the call, a 3 star police officer approached him.

He asked, "whom have you been speaking to? My friend answered, I was briefing my bos about the proceedings of the court. Then, the officer made a blatant lie, "'I saw you recording Videos with your phone." My friend replied, "I haven't recorded anything here." Then the officer continued to lie, ""You spent over an hour on the planet."

Then I jumped in and asked the officer, "is it a crime for someone to speak on his phone for over an hour?" The offer looked at me, then told my friend to go.
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+10 #5 Remase 2024-04-08 17:15
As we were leaving, I made a comment, "Ba gundi mwe, mu tuumaze ko emirembe." Loosely translated, hallo dear, we no longer have any freedom.

The officer threatened me. I simply told him that he was free to arrest me. Fellow Ugandans, that's the freedom M7 claims he brought to Uganda!!!

To be exact, we are suffocating! Militants are all over and are clearly aware that they are suffocating us. The moment one sneezes, they get into punicmode!
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+2 #6 Lysol 2024-04-08 19:15
Museveni always feels insecure wherever he is. The man even jumps at his own shadow. That is the problem with those who overstay in power.

They become paranoid and delusional. Those crane performers were right to shut him down, because as always Museveni was trying to steal their show with his long boring speech.
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+2 #7 Lysol 2024-04-08 21:22
Nkuutu Kibedi!
Here in the USA one Joe/Jose is always insulted and called names, but does not throw people in jail because of the freedom of speech and expression, The First Amendment. Some call him "Go Brando", which simply means "F**k Joe".

In Uganda, Museveni would throw half of the population in jail if the call him the "F" word, loudly.
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-5 #8 Webz 2024-04-09 14:10
No, it's gross indiscipline by whoever shouted at the president. The shouter had freedom to move away from the party at any time.

This was the piece of time set aside for the president to address the party attendees. The one that shouted deserves appropriate reprimand.
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+1 #9 Banamawanga 2024-04-09 22:10
So how did all the eight people say the insulting lines at once, was it in the form of a song!

Imagine entertainiers insulting the guest of honour, Westerners can indeed mess up anything!
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+2 #10 Ugthinker 2024-04-09 22:15
If Museveni was trying to entertain with his not so funny jokes, the official entertainers had every right to shut him down.

They were in charge and couldn’t risk anyone spoiling the party!
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