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More men in West Nile report more gender-based violence cases

More men are reporting gender based cases

More men are reporting gender based cases

More men in West Nile sub-region are reporting increased gender-based violence (GBV) cases according to the latest report from the police regional child and family protection unit.

Statistics from the Arua child and family protection unit indicate that 12 cases of GBV against men were recorded in December, 13 cases in January and 10 cases in February, an indication more men in the sub-region are overcoming obstacles to report violence meted against them.

Christine Driciru, the head of the child and family protection unit in West Nile explains that although it is uncommon for men in the sub-region to report GBV to the police due to stigmatization, more men are increasingly reporting cases to police.

"There are some violent wives who violate the rights of their husbands, which means if we only say we're fighting domestic violence against women and girls, men are going to be left out. And why these cases are low, is simply because of shame. Men feel very proud when they are beaten, they don't want to report. They think when they report, their friends are going to laugh at them," said Driciru.

Jimmy Anguyo, the West Nile region police GBV focal person attributes the increased number of men reporting to sensitisation of the community about the dangers of GBV. In 2023, 15,184 people were victims of domestic violence, of whom 3,243 were male adults according to the annual police crime report. 

In West Nile, at least 817 cases of domestic violence were recorded in the sub-region last year according to information obtained from police.

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