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3 dead, 100 hospitalised after eating 'poisoned' food at a funeral in Jinja

Ambulances ferry patients to Buwenge health centre

Ambulances ferry patients to Buwenge health centre

Three people have been confirmed dead and 100 others are admitted at different health facilities following alleged poisoning at a funeral in Bukasami village, Jinja district, eastern Uganda.

The deceased include; Faisal Magumba aged 20, Suleiman Byanguwa aged four and six-year-old Shamim Nangobi. A health worker who spoke on condition of anonymity said they received dozens of patients throughout Wednesday night, but due to limited space and lack of medical supplies, 10 patients who are critically ill have been taken to Jinja regional referral hospital for further management.

He further said that most of the patients were vomiting watery substances and experiencing difficulty in breathing. It is alleged that the affected persons ate suspected poisoned food at the funeral of the late Ahamad Magumba, the county khadhi of Buyengo on February 13. They were served food in groups, which ruled out any suspicion of poisoning.

However, some of the mourners experienced stomach aches, prompting about 50 mourners to seek medical attention at a private clinic in Buyengo. Their situation worsened on Wednesday night after over 103 people complained of dizziness, stomach aches, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Salima Nabirye whose condition has now stabilized says that it is a traditional norm for mourners to share a meal with the bereaved family as a way of celebrating the life of the deceased. She said the alleged poisoning incident has created tension and panic in the whole village.

Nabirye says that she started vomiting on Tuesday afternoon and her husband bought anti-malarial drugs, thinking that it was severe malaria, but she had to go to the hospital on Wednesday after hearing reports that all her neighbours were experiencing the same symptoms.

Ali Kilume, a village health team member participating in the ferrying of some affected persons from the village says that the only government hospital in the district lacks the necessary medical supplies to attend to the patients, which is overly worsening their condition.

Samuel Akalyamawa, the area councillor says that the funeral attracted several mourners from different walks of life, with dozens of them suffering from the suspected poison effects unaware. Akalyamawa says that they have resolved to use megaphones and mobile public address systems where all affected individuals are being mobilized and ferried to different health facilities across Busoga sub-region.

Moses Batwala, Jinja district LC V chairperson says that the situation is overwhelming but all available ambulances and all the local government departments have been directed to avail their official vehicles to enable easy transportation of affected persons from the villages to gazetted health facilities.

Batwala has further called upon the police to investigate the matter as a means of fostering justice for the deceased families and affected persons alike. Jinja resident district commissioner (RDC), Richard Gulume says that health and police teams alike have been dispatched to collect samples from the affected persons, which will ease investigations.


+1 #1 wadada rogers 2024-02-16 19:04
A pity, how can any one be so bad hearted
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0 #2 kasede 2024-02-18 22:30
Quoting wadada rogers:
A pity, how can any one be so bad hearted
Answer: Jo pa Ocol say "TOO KELO YENGO I GANG WA (= death brings into the community plenty of FREE EATINGS).

So,whoever did it expects more free eating opportunities. Please have your say.
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0 #3 Lakwena 2024-02-19 16:16
In other words, in the Uganda of today, under the 38-year reign of our "Unconstitutional Problem of Africa", Ugandans, are born, live, eat, fall sick/ill and/or die at own risk.

Otherwise, including schools; never before, under the leadership of swines, did so many Ugandans per year, fell sick and/or en mass die from food-poisoning.
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