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Police deploys 1,000 officers ahead of age limit debate

There is heavy police and military police deployment in Kampala and its neighborhoods. The deployment is meant to counter the anticipated protests by opposition activists against the proposed presidential age limit debate in Parliament today.

The heavy deployment follows threats by Democratic Party to lead a procession to Parliament this afternoon under a campaign code named 'red week' to stop the debate on the report by the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee on the proposed presidential age limit amendment.

A police truck seen parked near DP offices. Photo: @SoftPowerNews

A highly placed source in Kampala Metropolitan Police told URN that they have deployed a combined force involving more than 1,000 police and Military officers in Kampala and its surrounding areas. 

Police have also set up a heavy security ring in the city center covering the parliamentary building and the outer most ring covering all junctions entering into Kampala city like Busega, Nansana, Kalerwe, Bweyogerere and Kajansi. 

Police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, says whoever tries to march to Parliament will face the full wrath of police.

"We are working with other security agencies to ensure that there is no chaos around the Parliamentary Chambers," Kayima said. 

The Constitutional (Amendment) (No.2) Bill, 2017, which seeks to amend article 102b of the constitution comes to parliament this afternoon for its second reading.
During the first reading, Members of Parliament opposed to the amendment caused chaos in the House in attempt to stop the mover of the bill, Raphael Magyezi, the Igara West MP from tabling it.
Plain clothes security personnel stormed the house from the Office of the President and brutally evicted the legislators.

Some of the legislators like the Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze are yet to recover from the injuries they sustained during the raid.


+2 #1 Ugthinker 2017-12-12 14:01
Museveni regime has been stretched indeed! All the democracy curtains behind which he used to hide the real monster in him have been pulled dowN, tanks to boldness of Dr Kizza Besigye leadership.

Other leaders should also be appreciated but it’s KB who really undressed Museveni.
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+1 #2 kabayekka 2017-12-12 15:24
Indeed it is the Parliament of the Uganda Police and the Army.

One wonders who pays for their bread and butter at their family homes?
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+1 #3 Akot 2017-12-12 16:06
Where is the 85% who don't want age limit nonsens debate to stop/block parliament handing over the country to museveni & his people?

This is the time to come out to block parliament so that the country & our people's belonging to it is not put in question by museveni who has out lived his stay in our country & we must stop letting him continug abusing our hospitality!

It's Now or never, because museveni will force his way & own our country officialy-legally-constitutionally & Ugandans won't have any court of law any where in the world to go to & claim legitimacy of belonging to Uganda, because it's them, handing over the country to the demon!

Museveni MUST be thrown out in UNITY & NOW!...

Our belong to our country is not negotiable & cannot be put in question by a former tribalist asylum seeker!...
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0 #4 Akot 2017-12-12 16:09
...Ugandans MUST not let museveni manipulate his way because this parliament serves only the demon, & not the people of Uganda who are on the verge of losing their country, yet handing it over to the demon naively!

Each & every tribe is going to be landless & there won't be tribal leaders in posts when parliament hands over the country to the demon, who will then have complete control of each tribal land!

Why would museveni need tribal leaders to keep Ugandans divided & powerless when he will own the country?

We can be tribalists, but the country is still ours as long as museveni has no legal-official-constitutional ownership: but he will make each tribe landless, even tribal leaders won't have legitimacy of squatting any piece of tribal land without museveni's permission becuse then, EVERY Ugandan will be at the mercy of the new owner of Uganda!...
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+1 #5 Akot 2017-12-12 16:12
...Museveni came to have a country of his own for Rwandese not wanted in Rwanda-those who have failed to get control of DRCongo-those in Tanzania...!

Ugandans MUST come out & block parliament-State-House & throw museveni out before he throws them out, this is not negotiable & time is running out, especially when the demon is using naive Ugandans to hand over their country to him!

The former asylum seeker Must be thrown out in Unity & NOW, before he makes Ugandans throw themselves out of their country for him!

Whay are we so naive?
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0 #6 Akot 2017-12-12 16:23
That police does not work for Ugandans but for museveni, who wants to make Uganda a country of his own for his people! If there are Ugandans in this force, they will be replaced by Rwandese the moment they help hand over the country to museveni officially-legally-constitutionally!

Ugandans MUST stop playing with museveni!

Yet, as things are, without Ugandans Uniting & coming out to make their stand as to whom the country belongs, Acholi MUST Break Away & NOW before the entire zone is officially-legally-constitutionally museveni's, because Acholi will be the first tribe to be erased by the demon & Acholiland will become Rwandese base!

It's now that Acholi must make us believe Dr Obote was wrong when he laughed/insulted them saying "there is no leadership in Acholi"!

Without Uity of All & coming out to block museveni, it's tribal survival now!
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+1 #7 rubangakene 2017-12-12 16:50
These guys still don't really get it; parliament in Uganda has become irrelevant ten years ago; a money making institution for a few greedy individuals.

The peasants have decided this 'aaji baji' of term-limit is dead in the water, gone down the river.

No fool will march to that parliament. We are busy preparing for Jesus to come at Christmas to save us. Allelluyah!
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+4 #8 Phalanch 2017-12-12 18:54
No matter what these goons may do.

Those behind the bill are isolated by the Citizens from wherever they come from and their families are being watched as well.
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