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Three is a crowd: Julie interestingly the antidote to Diane’s marriage

(Continued from last issue)

David and Diane have been married for years; then there is Julie, the young secretary whose axis collides with the couple’s in ways none of them saw coming.


I was so mad at Kenneth that I would not even let him walk me up to the apartment when we got back, insisting that he just drops me off in the parking lot.

He sighed in frustration, but did not push it, leaving me to walk up with Junior on my own. I had no idea what David was going to do, and it was the not knowing that was driving me crazy.

Although I had gained so much from my relationship with him, the truth was that I had lost a lot too; my relationships with my mother and sister were worse than they had ever been, and I no longer had a job to fall back on. If David cut me off now, where would I begin?

For the first time since I had gotten involved with him, I felt the danger of not having my own source of income, and realized how foolish and naïve I had been to totally depend on David, without insisting that if he couldn’t get me a job, he at least set me up with a business or some way to earn my own money.

If we somehow got past this, that was a mistake I would not repeat; when his wife had quit her job, he had set her up with the boutique, even though she had the security of a wedding ring and three children to ensure that she would always be financially taken care of.

I only had one son and no ring, and yet I had no safety net to fall back on if things ever changed between us – which they now obviously had. The question now was, how did I fix things and get the opportunity to correct that?

I thought of calling or texting him to try to explain that there was nothing going on between Kenneth and I, and that he had just been taking Junior and I out as a friend when he saw us, but I realized that doing that would just make me look guilty and panicky.

The only option left was to wait for him to contact me or come over first, and only when he made the accusation, could I then try to defend myself. I did not know then, that it was a wait that would last several days.


My rage at Julie didn’t diminish over the next few days, especially since even though I had caught her messing around red-handed, she had not even bothered to call and apologize.

Not that I was sure I would have accepted it anyway; but if nothing else, it would at least show me that there was some remorse and regret from her, but she would not even do that, and her silence only added to my feelings of anger and betrayal.

While my relationship with Julie appeared to have crashed and burned, my marriage on the other hand had never been better. In an attempt to keep my mind off Julie and her betrayal, I had shrunk the scope of my world to work and my home with Diane and the children; if I was not at work, I was at home with them, which obviously thrilled Diane, who in typical Diane fashion, rewarded my efforts with affection and intimacy.

True, she had insisted on us going for an HIV test before she would be intimate with me again, and while that had been awkward and embarrassing, since we had both seen Julie messing around with another man, I understood where Diane was coming from and could not blame her for being cautious.

Besides, once the results were in and we were both negative, she had held nothing back and the heat in our bedroom after that reminded me of the early days of our marriage when we could not keep our hands off each other.

It was not just in the bedroom that our marriage was thriving; Diane’s entire personality did a complete one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turnaround over the next few days; she was attentive and respectful, acting like a doting and dutiful wife, and making me feel like the man of the home.

I could not help but think that if only she had been this way throughout our marriage, I might never have endangered it by getting involved with Julie in the first place.


If there was a time when my marriage to David had been in a better place than it was over the next few days, I could not remember it. For the first time in ages, I could honestly say I was happy and secure in our marriage.

Part of the reason for this was how involved David was once again being in our children’s lives; he was helping them with their homework, taking part in their bedtime routines, and it was just a really beautiful thing to watch.

Besides, while my confidence in myself and my attractiveness to my husband had taken a beating with David’s affair as I questioned whether he was no longer attracted to me and if that was the reason he had strayed from our marital bed, in the course of the week that followed his discovery of his whore’s cheating, those fears were allayed and my confidence rebuilt, as the spark in our sex life was rekindled and it seemed like he could not get enough of me, reaching for me every single night.

It felt good to be wanted again, but even better was the certainty that he was not still seeing her; I knew this for sure, not just from the timings of his arrivals back at the house that made it obvious he had not stopped off anywhere on his way back, but also because I had snooped through his phone a few times while he was in the shower, and there were no texts or calls, to or from her.

I finally had my husband back and although it was taking a bit more effort and energy on my part to keep him happy. In terms of ensuring his dinner and evening tea was ready and waiting for him when he got back, and things were organized just the way I knew he liked them, not to mention being open and available to him when he reached out for me in the middle of the night, I considered all this a small price to pay for what I had gotten back in return.

And now that I had him back, I was determined to never again let him go.



+1 #1 aysha 2024-06-23 22:17
wow Diane should start praying for her marriage in order to gain sustainability. Thanks Magie for entertaining us.
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+1 #2 Job 2024-06-24 15:50
Do you think that it is her prayers that are making David happy?????

Many women lose Thier marriages by spending too much time attending to Churches and Pastors.....rather t than doing the obvious.....taking adequate care of Thier husbands in bedroom and outside bedroom.
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-1 #3 Aysha 2024-06-28 15:16
Dear Job if you have been following this act, it real shows that Diane just got tired of doing the right things because she was doing them but in vain.

Mark you, sometimes it is matters spiritual ie adultery follows blood lineages hence one breaking the chain through prayers!

You can also agree with me that Diane began her conversation with thanking God for exposing Julie!
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