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What really happened?

He is a pastor I have seen in action at the pulpit before, with great admiration.

The first time I saw this brilliant pastor-turned-politician was at Lugogo Indoor stadium where he was speaking at a Christian Restoration Ministries-organised 'Divine Encounter' and I was enthralled. He led prayers and his fire for God was admirable.

Years later I bumped into members of his worship team at a Reinhardt Bonnke crusade, who sang praises of the way their pastor handled church matters, his unmatched discipline and timekeeping skills. I was in awe. When he joined politics, I sincerely hoped that he would bring all these qualities I had seen and heard about him to the ‘dirty’ Ugandan politics.

What can I say? I have been left disappointed. I watch his clips on social media sometimes and wonder, what happened!

It is not true that church and politics do not mix; I believe as long as it is a move inspired by God, it can be the perfect mix. Not any other way, though. You surely remember what happened to the anointed gospel singer that contested for parliament and won, with quite disastrous results – in my opinion.

There was also a woman parliamentarian, who, prior to her election, we used to fellowship with during the lunch-hour fellowship at The Plaza and she was truly ‘drunk’ on Jesus Christ, in spite of her Islamic background.

She often told whoever cared to listen that the Lord was sending her into politics and parliament specifically, to cause spiritual change and bring Christ to that sphere.

Well, she triumphed and joined parliament, but from the get-go, not once in all the years she was in the august house, did I hear her reveal that she was born-again or openly talk about Jesus Christ.

I could go on and on about the people I watch and feel that the dirty politics of the land have sucked them in, as opposed to them taking the necessary change required to claim that mountain of influence!

I know there will be a day when God sends His people into Uganda’s politics, and there shall be no questions about whether they have switched allegiance or not; for it shall be that glaring to all.

Now, that is one day I look forward to. In the meantime, I continue to wonder...



0 #1 Henry 2024-05-27 09:38
Same thing is happening to President Ruto the man that confesses to bejng prayed into power

Now in bed the Globalists, world economic forum etc darkest organisations on earth
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