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Are you focused on God or His vessel?

A few days ago, a woman who had dedicated her life to serving God went to be with the Lord in a very unexpected way, leading to many questions and frustration among those close to her.

The death happened less than two hours after she had ministered to a congregation in a midweek service. The minister had not exhibited any signs of illness or weakness. It was that shocking.

The saints believed God to bring her back to life; they wept, prayed, adjured heaven, but that was not done for them. On Saturday, she was laid to rest.

This sister served in the children’s church, among the elderly, in intercession, sanctuary keeping and above all did a lot in the helps ministry. She financially supported most church projects, sometimes going alone all the way. Indeed, she stood out in helping finance even weddings that would have otherwise been miserable events.   

At 41, she had at least 20 spiritual children that she catered for in all matters of life; school fees, clothes, feeding and housing on top of ensuring that they stayed in line spiritually.

The sense of hopelessness, the wailing and fainting during her funeral service were difficult to fathom. Not that Christians should not mourn; this was more of a sense of helplessness, wondering how they would live without her.

The pastors spent time convincing the youngsters that God would fend for them, but all that seemed not to make sense – they were inconsolable. Which brings me to the one-million-dollar question, are you worshipping the vessel, and not God?

Whether it is your pastor, a family member, your spouse or boss, nobody must ever take God’s place in your heart. Idolatry is a sin.  We believers commit it without recognizing that it angers the Lord so much that He would rather take the person being worshipped home, in accordance to Psalms 116:15.

God does not lose anything when a righteous person dies, what He wants is for the good that person does to draw more and more to Christ, and not for them to be lost by focusing on the person being used and completely forgetting their maker.

Check, you could have unknowingly turned someone into an idol and by so doing, are setting them up for returning home before their time.


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