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Osmosis, the voice of money

STUART JOSEPH SSENOGA, 29, mostly known as ‘Osmosis’ due to the Wesotinge with MTN Momo Loans advert, sat down with Quick Talk recently to talk about his journey to fame.

Quick Talk finds him at Radio 4, where he has just finished his breakfast show. Dressed in a black T-shirt, black jeans with a green jungle hat and black Timberland boots, he looks nothing like the chronically broke guy he portrays in the adverts.

Hi, Osmosis! Quick Talk fans will be eager to know who you really are…

My name is Stuart Joseph Ssenoga. I am currently 29 years old.

Married? Dating anyone…?

I am not yet married, neither do I have children, but I am seeing someone’s daughter who has the keys to my heart [he smiles, as his colleagues in the room laugh at his answer.]

Everybody now knows you for the Wesotinge with Momo advert. Are you a comedian by training?

Yes! I am a standup comedian from a comedy duo known as Stuart and Bruno. I am a standup comedian, but my background is in drama and film. I decided to diversify and ventured into the world of comedy in 2017.

How old were you then?

I was 22 when I fully diversified. I have been doing this staff for almost 12 years.

Could you tell Quick Talk about your education background?

Unfortunately, I didn’t go so far with education because the financial expenses overwhelmed my parents. But I am a learned person and very much exposed. I was able to go for primary and secondary education but didn’t go that far with education [he replies in a somber mood.]

I went to St Noah Mawaggali, then I studied at Cornerstone Junior School, and for my secondary school, I went to Our Lady of Africa and completed my secondary education at Excel Secondary School.

And what shows do you host at Radio 4?

I am a co-host at the radio station and the show I work on starts at six in the morning and ends at around 10 am. I do both entertainment and education.

How did you get the gig for the Wesotinge with MTN Momo Loans advert?

I was recommended by a friend who is a comedian called Muzko Chuka. He called me and told me there is a gig but they told me to send good pictures, and I sent pictures of me and my friend Bruno.

I was contacted by a company known as Extreme Casting; I went for auditions at Swangz Avenue in Industrial area. There were very many people, but luckily I went through. With my success after the auditions, I was given the script, memorized it and executed it.

Are you the one who came up with the concept of Osmosis?

I didn’t come up with the concept, but I did a bit of adjustment when given the script and I gave advice here and there on how the script could be better. The concept of Osmosis has its roots in the marketing team of MTN.

Was that your first mainstream advert?

Actually, it has been the first advert that I have successfully executed. I did some adverts back in the day, but they haven’t exploded like this one; so, it’s the first advert that has blossomed and put me out there.

Who inspires you, Stuart?

Actually, the people doing adverts in Uganda that motivate me, to point out a few, include Uncle Mo [Moses Kiboneka]; he has very good concepts, I don’t know if he writes them but he is a very good and funny guy, with a serious face. I like Uncle Mo.

I also like the big guy Abby Mukiibi. He is a legend. I like Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi and the big guy who did the MTN double double advert, Edward Kiwanuka.

Do people notice you as Osmosis on the streets?

Most definitely. I am noticed by people these days, wherever I move. They are like, “Osmosis is coming!” Some even tell you we don’t have money because they think that I want money every time, because the advert portrays me as a serial borrower or beggar.

[He laughingly sings for Quick Talk part of the jingle that made him famous, but not follows him everywhere he goes: “Osmosis wantseeee money, when you see him send him to Momo. My boss can I borrow fuelo? Wesotinge withee Momo. Big man can I borrow rent…]

Looking at work, are you as funny as people see you on TV, or you are a very serious fellow?

It depends on the approach and mode you find me in, but I am a very social and funny guy. When it comes to serious issues, I am a very serious guy! If the issues are kind of sarcastic, I am that person.

But it all depends on what we are going to do, because even when it is comedy and we are rehearsing, I am always serious. But when I get off stage, I am a funny guy.
Have you gotten offers from political parties to help them in the upcoming presidential campaigns?

I haven’t gotten any offers yet, but if called upon, I will definitely go. I want to eat that ka money most definitely. I will go and make that ka money.

You earlier talked about your education challenges. Do you have plans to upgrade your education in the nearby future?

Most definitely. I want to go back to school, but as you know you cannot go back if you have not set yourself up properly. Despite having talent, I need the papers; so, I want to do my education upgrade next year, God willing.

What do you plan to study?

Actually, I want to upgrade in the realm of drama and arts, and I want to be a professional in the game, not only having talent, and then study law in the future. [Clearly, unlike his counterparts from past catchy MTN adverts, Osmosis is determined to be in your faces for a while.]


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Kindly enjoy Osmosis and know who he is.
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