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See what the Lord has done!

At the weekend I shared photos from my phone gallery with my mother and as she flipped through some of the 4,000-plus pictures and videos in storage, she remarked: “God has truly been good to you!”

I agreed and then found myself expounding on her simple remark for minutes later, and that started off the conversation about how often we overlook other testimonies simply because we want a particular miracle.

I felt ashamed of myself, because indeed, I too tend to forget or even trivialize past miracles, and hinge my praise only on a future, anticipated breakthrough in this area or the other. I took back my phone and looked at some of the memories my mother had just seen and indeed felt overwhelmed by how much the Lord had already done for me.

The storms of this world coupled with delayed promises can make you think less of the other miracles that make up your life. A woman desperate for the fruit of her womb may fail to see the miracle of life itself, because so many women die young without any hope of ever seeing their offspring.

As long as there is breath in your body, anything is still possible from God; so, give thanks. A young woman waiting on God for marriage will fail to give thanks for everything else the Lord has done, believing that her wedding day will be the happiest day of her life and thus the only worthy miracle to talk about. Shame!

So many people married young, alright, but they have not achieved half of what your single self have achieved in other parts of your life; things you possibly would not have accomplished, were you married then. Be grateful for that!

If you are waiting on God for healing, financial breakthrough, ministry, a job, etc, wait as you keep track of all the other ways God has been good to you. Give thanks with a grateful heart, because that is the foundation of true worship, which pleases God.

Don’t give ear to naysayers that make you feel like a failure just because you are not where they are in one area of life. Like my mother put it: “There is so much in your life that God has uniquely done for only you, and your contemporaries will never experience any of it. So, be grateful.”


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