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G’s restaurant; high-quality dining at a budget price

G’s restaurant on the Standard Chartered building, William Street, Kampala defies the notion that low cost usually means low investment and hence low quality.

The investment is visible for all to see. From the well-cushioned and some of the most comfortable chairs and table tops you can ever encounter in any fine dining restaurant, to the super clean and spacious ambience with inviting dim lights, to the full set high-end cutlery; this is a quality restaurant flossing kafunda-like prices.

Little wonder that the restaurant is opening several branches across town. The service too is quick, given the high number of clients even for an Easter Monday morning.

It’s actually a perfect working restaurant for the ‘office’ diners but be sure to come with a fully charged laptop for they don’t have readily available sockets for their diners. The only kafunda-like trait they carry is the order-with-cash policy – quite understandable given the city centre location and their multiple exit points.

The Monday morning menu features matooke and Irish potatoes katogo (pottage), which can be complemented with rice, beans, beef, cabbage, or liver.

The katogo is priced at a modest Shs 6,000, and a cup of African coffee goes for Shs 7,000, significantly lower than neighbouring upscale eateries.

Despite its affordability, the food is expensively delicious. The plain katogo, a combination of matooke fingers and Irish potatoes fried in tomato bisque and sprinkled with powdered coriander, offers a delightful blend of flavours.

The tartness of the tomato, the earthy taste of the matooke, and the nutty essence of the coriander create a heavenly combination. The only drawbacks are the portions and watery, bland avocado. However, considering the price, you can only grumble silently.

Perhaps another slight disappointment was the coffee, which lacked the strong, aromatic flavours associated with Ugandan coffee, despite my opting for the strongest variation.



+2 #1 Musa Apuuli 2024-04-08 12:00
it is refreshing to know that a Ugandan entrepreneur is finally waking up from slumber and coming out with innovations such as this.

Please maintain that level of cleanliness/hygene and customer care - and the sky will be the limit. Wishing him/her prosperity and looking forward to come in for a meal!
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0 #2 Musa Apuuli 2024-04-08 12:06
Please continue to emulate such healthy habits of restaurant entrepreneurs like those in the sister East African city of Dar es Salaam where high standards of cleanliness are adhered to by law for even the smallest Kafunda....
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