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Zauja restaurant’s lusaniya is Muslims' delight

Zauja Restaurant in Mengo (Ring road) opposite Stabex should be on every diner’s wish list.

The Muslims discovered this place and kept mum. During this Ramadan period, Zauja seems like the headquarters for iftar (evening meal for Muslims to break their fast) in Uganda.

It is more famed for its Shs 55,000 lusaniya (platter) that has just about everything from goat meat, chicken, beef, beans, to cowpeas.

The platter is enough to feed three to five people; but if alone, you can opt for the Shs 25,000 plate or the Shs 40,000 fish platter which, by the way, is also enough to feed two people.

If you love deep-fried tilapia, this is so pleasing to look at and wonderful to taste. The fish, though not whole, is a giant of a tilapia which is partially deep-fried and also cooked in a slight sauce giving it just about the perfect combination. It is topped with braised fresh cowpeas.

The lusaniya is donned with soft and pliable chapati, rice, boiled Irish potatoes, half-pilau rice and matooke. It is further complemented with nakati, fresh beans and deep-fried garden eggs.

As you would expect from a Muslim-run restaurant, all the foods carry unmissable distinctive tastes, thanks to the Arabic and Persian influences.

You can wash it all down with their cocktail juice or the sugarcane juice graced with ginger, tangerine, orange, medicinal mondia white (mulondo) that goes for Shs 3,000 per glass.


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